9 Biggest Signs He’s Just Wasting Your Time

Wasted times are irreplaceable, and that’s why nobody wants to see their time squandered.

This leads us to the very question you’re pondering: Is the guy you are currently seeing simply a time-waster?

Is he just wasting your time?

You’re seeking assurance that you’re not investing your precious time in a relationship without a clear destination.

Life is too fleeting to place all your bets on one person for an extended period.

The sooner you gain clarity on your path, the better it is for your life’s journey.

This is particularly vital in relationships, where time is a precious commodity.

Remember, time stops for no one, so why should anyone stop for time?

So, without wasting your time, here are the signs that he might just be wasting your time.

9 Biggest Signs He’s Just Wasting Your Time

1. He talks about everything but marriage

Biggest signs he's just wasting hour time

If your guy talks a lot about everything under the sun, from business to leisure, but the topic of marriage seems to make him suddenly silent, that’s a sign right there.

He’s avoiding the M-word at all costs.

When things are getting serious in a relationship, it’s completely normal to discuss where you both see this heading.

If your guy skirts around the topic of marriage and leaves it in the dust, he might not be on the same path as you.

He might just be content with things as they are without thinking about a more serious, long-term commitment.

If you’re dreaming of walking down the aisle one day and he’s treating the subject like it’s a hot potato, it’s worth reconsidering what you are doing with this guy.


2. He dodges meetups

Spending time with someone you care about is always exciting.

It is natural to long for private times with the person you love.

But this guy has not been showing up.

He is constantly finding reasons to dodge your plans.

You’re trying to meet up, but he’s doing his best to disappear right when you thought you had something set.

If your guy is consistently avoiding meeting up with you, that’s a red flag.

When he is always too busy or coming up with excuses to avoid hanging out, it signals that he’s not as committed or interested as he should be.

Please note that we all have busy lives and genuine reasons for rescheduling plans every now and then.

But when dodging meetups becomes a recurring thing, if meetups keep ending in disappointment, then something is wrong.


3. He has no clear vision of a future together with you

Biggest signs he's just wasting hour time

Whenever you bring up the future, your guy suddenly gets evasive.

He slips away from any serious talk about what lies ahead for your relationship.

His plans don’t go beyond the weekend, nothing about the far-away future.

This is a big deal because when you’re in a committed relationship, discussing the future is a normal thing.

Talking about where you both see the relationship in a year or two is reasonable.

If he doesn’t talk about this then he has no goal for you.


4. He keeps your relationship a secret

Biggest signs he's just wasting hour time

Who keeps their relationship a secret?

A time waster, definitely.

When he’s alone with you, everything feels great, but as soon as you step into the world together, he suddenly goes undercover.

You don’t get introduced to his friends or family, and if he does, he won’t mention who you are to him in clear terms.

He’s hesitant to share anything about your relationship on social media.

It’s like you’re living a secret life together.

When someone keeps you hidden from their social circle or refuses to acknowledge your presence in their life, it means they are not serious about the relationship.

They are probably treating it like a temporary fling.


5. The only thing moving is time, not your relationship

Biggest signs he's just wasting hour time

Does it seem like the only thing that’s actually progressing is time ticking away, like you are being stuck in a relationship cage?

It doesn’t feel like you’re getting closer or achieving anything meaningful together.

You’re watching the clock on the wall, moving its arms while your connection with your partner remains static.

That’s a problem.

Normally, you should be building something, whether it’s deepening your emotional connection, making plans, or just enjoying each other’s company.

If your relationship feels like it’s on pause, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why.

Perhaps your partner isn’t putting in the effort to make things progress.


6. He doesn’t think for himself, he asks others for their opinions about you

Is your guy not making decisions about your relationship on his own?

He’s constantly seeking advice or opinions from other people, like friends or family.


It’s not bad to get a little advice from time to time, especially when you’re facing a major crossroads in your relationship.

But if your guy is making every little decision or judgment call by polling everyone he knows, it signals a lack of confidence in the relationship.

Your partner should have their own thoughts and feelings about you and trust their judgment.

When he’s consistently outsourcing his thoughts to others, he’s saying he doesn’t know what he wants


7. He’s using you to prove himself to his ex

Does it seem like your guy isn’t just with you because he genuinely cares about you?

Do you feel he’s got a hidden agenda, and that agenda is all about showing off to his ex?

He acts like he’s telling his ex he has moved on and found someone else.

This situation is somehow confusing because you are a pawn in his game to make his previous partner jealous or regret the breakup.

When your partner is just using you as a tool to prove something to an ex, it’s not fair to you, and it’s not a genuine connection.

If you suspect this is happening, please watch it.

He might be using you as his rebound.

Don’t let anyone use your time and emotions to score points with their past.


8. He compares you to other girls

Biggest signs he's just wasting hour time

No one is perfect.

Even your boyfriend is not.

It’s perfectly normal to have your strengths and areas where you’re weak.

That’s why a companion is a better half, someone who completes your incompleteness.

You want to be with someone who appreciates you for who you are, not someone who constantly measures you against other people.

When your guy keeps comparing you to other girls, whether it’s ex-partners, friends, or even random strangers, it is disrespectful.

It’s like you’re constantly being put under a microscope, and every aspect of you is being judged and compared.

That’s not a fun place to be.

If this comparison habit is a regular occurrence, it’s worth considering as a sign he is wasting your time.


9. He flirts with other girls

Biggest signs he's just wasting hour time

If your partner is committed to your relationship, then it is normal for them to maintain a certain level of respect and boundaries when it comes to interactions with people of the opposite sex.

But when your guy consistently flirts with other girls, it’s a cause for concern.

Flirting with others while in a relationship is sending mixed signals.

There is a big difference between harmless banter and behaving in a way that’s more suitable for a single person, not someone in a committed relationship.

If he continues to flirt with others despite your concerns, it’s a sign that he’s not taking your feelings seriously, and that could mean he’s just wasting your time.

Life is short, and time keeps marching on.

If your relationship is the only thing standing still, it might be worth considering how you can start moving forward.

When you find yourself questioning whether the guy you’re seeing is wasting your time, something is not right already.

Time is a valuable resource that, once spent, can never be reclaimed, so it’s good that you want to invest it wisely.

While no relationship is without its challenges and occasional glitches, recognizing when those challenges become consistent patterns that hinder your growth and happiness is the best way to approach the situation.

Your feelings, desires, and needs matter.

We are not saying you should hastily end the relationship, but rather, these signs should help you in deciding what to do next.

Time is the only thing that keeps moving, and it’s up to you to decide how to spend it.

Don’t let time slip away without building something beautiful.

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