Do Guys Care If You Are Fat?

Are you like me on the big side and wondering in your head: “Do guys care if you are fat?”

This is a dicey one, but then, from my personal experience, I’d address this alongside other things guys care about beyond your size.

This, however, all boils down to the subject of self-image first before any other thing.

And being someone who has dealt with this at some point, I will carefully break it down now.

Do Guys Care If You Are Fat?

Now, before I go into this, I also want you to answer that question yourself.

Do you care if you are fat?

You necessarily don’t have to answer that out loud.

This answer cannot be definite or fixated, and that means some guys might care if you are fat, while some may be indifferent about your size.

This is, however, due to a number of factors like the mental image of how they have imagined their woman to look, her physique when they have to make an appearance, and so all.

Some men are all about aesthetics and the image they project to the public.

They want a picture-perfect partner, and that is totally valid.

This is in terms of a man who wants to be in a romantic relationship with you.

However, when it comes to platonic friendship, your guy friend may really not have any issue with your weight if it has no negative effect on your health, mind, or self-image.

So there you have it – guys can either care or not care.

It is all about personal taste.

One thing that is really worthy of note in all of this is how you see yourself and how you even carry yourself.

As a person who has always been the biggest in the room, my confidence seems to be on some kind of steroid.

You are not some pitiable woman who is looking to be saved by some man.

You should strive to develop other aspects of your life other than your size, which more men are interested in than your size, which is literally the least on that list.

A  man who loves you and wants to commit to you will be interested in the following:

1. Your Personality

Do Guys Care If You Are Fat?

A man who is in love with you and wants to commit to you will prioritize your personality over your size.

It goes beyond how you look to him but who you are as a person.  

He will want to know your likes, dislikes, passions, and interests. 

He should be interested in learning about your personality and values so that he can create a stronger connection with you.

This will also show him your points of connection and how you can build something strong out of the relationship he intends to go into with you.

He places value on your character and personality over every other thing. 


2. Your Goals and Dreams

A man who is in love with you and wants to commit also values your goals and dreams

He will encourage you to make progress towards these goals and help you when needed.

He may even help provide resources or connections to help you reach further into achieving them.  

Ultimately, he would want what’s best for you and understand why it’s important to you. 

He would be willing to sacrifice his own time, energy, or money to help you reach your goals and dreams.

To him, this is a way of showing how he loves and cares for you, and the last thing he wants to even be concerned about at that point is your body size.

He is taking the initiative to build something more meaningful with you, and this is an indication that he wants a future with you. 

The goal is to create a life together where both of your dreams are taken into consideration.

This shows that he truly loves and respects you as an individual and not just someone he wants to be in a relationship with for aesthetics or show off. 


3. Mutual Respect & Understanding

Do Guys Care If You Are Fat?

When it comes to love, mutual respect and understanding between two people is key.

A man who loves and values you as a person will not be with you because of your beauty or body size.

He understands that different people have different needs and wants, which is why he is willing to compromise with you if necessary. 

Also, he would want to know if you’d be willing to compromise anything for him too.

He would care about how you feel about him and if you find his opinion worthy of acknowledgment at any point. 

He also listens and supports your decisions, as well as offers help when needed.

All in all, mutual respect is the backbone of any healthy relationship. 


4. Thoughtfulness & Compassion

This kind of love transcends physical attraction because it goes beyond the surface-level desires that come with a typical ‘love-at-first-sight’ situation. 

Instead, this kind of love is based on understanding and appreciation.

He will appreciate your individuality and let you know it in the form of compliments or thoughtful gestures like a surprise gift for no reason at all. 

He will also have compassion for your feelings and be understanding if something doesn’t go as planned. 

It won’t be easy to do, but he will be willing to put in the effort and make sure you’re feeling safe and well taken care of. 



5. Intelligence And Smartness

Do Guys Care If You Are Fat?

There are some guys who really admire a lady’s intelligence over her body size.  

He asks questions to engage you and even ascertain how you handle ignorance of some topics.

These questions are not to disrespect or insult your intelligence, but they’re basically to learn more about you without having to ask directly.

He won’t be afraid to ask questions or discuss current events and topics in an effort to learn more about you. 

You’ll feel respected and appreciated for your intelligence instead of feeling like he’s trying to one-up you or prove himself.

He will also be intuitive enough to know when there are feelings that need to be addressed and have the guts to do it without making you feel uncomfortable. 

He will show his own intelligence by being wise and taking your needs into account when making decisions instead of just following his own agenda.

This type of guy is a keeper if you can find him instead of one that is all about your body and size.




Some guys care about attributes in a lady that complement qualities in themselves, while others do not care if these attributes complement theirs or not. 

Like a short guy caring about a lady’s height because he prefers a tall lady whose height compliments his. 

Or another short guy who is indifferent on whether a lady is tall or short even though he is short too. 

That’s why in discussing what guys care about and do not care about in a lady, it is funny how we see that the things guys care about are just the same as what some of them do not care about. 

It all depends on who the guy is and what situation you are studying it from. 

Boy A may care about a lady with curves, and Boy B may be interested in a slender woman. 

One man’s food is another man’s poison. 

The most important thing is a lady accepting and being comfortable with whatever body she has got. 

Whether a guy does not appreciate your body or not does not mean you are not beautiful. 

Their preferences do not define your status.

Fat is cute.

Slim is cute

Short or tall is cute too.

And you will find someone who would love to snuggle and squeeze you in his arms and appreciate your thick belly and thighs because you meet up to his full spec.

Dear lover girl, you are someone’s spec.


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