7 Emojis A Married Man Should Never Send To Another Woman

Communication has dramatically evolved since the turn of the century, and we have rapidly transitioned from cellular phones for calling to smartphones that give us access to social media.

With social media, the world has become one big global village, and more innovations are being added to make social media more accessible and more fun to use.

One of these innovations is the creation of emojis, which have now become an integral part of how we express emotions, convey sentiments, and add a touch of personality to our messages.

Sincerely, emojis have made it easier for people to communicate on social media since just one emoji may represent several words.

However, certain emojis may look a little suspicious when used by married people or people who are just in relationships while interacting with someone of the opposite sex.

These emojis should be avoided because they may be suggestive and inappropriate, especially when used by a married man.

After all, boundaries are a must when communicating with the opposite sex other than one’s wife.

To help you identify these emojis and exercise the required caution when using them in chats with the opposite sex, this article will explore the various emojis a married man should never send to another woman.

It’ll help married men avoid misunderstandings and preserve healthy relationships with their spouses.

Please read on.

7 Emojis A Married Man Should Never Send To Another Woman

1. Heart emoji 

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman

The heart emoji is actually a symbolic representation of the earth.

In many social media apps, it can be found in different colors like white, red, black, green, purple, brown, pink, and purple.

The heart emoji is usually used to express love, affection, or deep appreciation.

So, when you send the heart emoji to anyone, it actually means you love and appreciate the person.

This is not a bad sentiment to have towards the opposite sex.

Still, as a married man, it is better to express your sentiments clearly without using emojis, which can be interpreted as meaning something else.

Certain people have actually signified that each of the colors of the heart emoji has a different meaning.

Some say white is for platonic love, and red is for romantic love.

Whether this is true or not, I believe a married man should avoid using emojis that can bring up any form of controversy or argument in their marriage when chatting with the opposite sex.

You should reserve this emoji in all colors for your wife.

2. Face blowing a kiss emoji

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman

This emoji is one among the many emojis that doesn’t have much ambiguity surrounding it.

When this emoji is sent to the opposite sex, it can be seen as flirtatious and suggestive.

You may be using this emoji in an attempt to be playful, but if you value your relationship, you shouldn’t use it with any other female except your wife.

Avoiding this emoji when chatting with the opposite sex will save you from a lot of conflict with your spouse as well as from sending inappropriate messages to the opposite sex when you don’t mean them.

When I was very young and new to social media, anytime a lady sent this emoji to me, I would feel like they were catching feelings for me.

This continued for some time until I got educated in the most brutal fashions.

3. Heart eyes emoji

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman

This is another emoji that can hardly be misused.

Most people who use the emoji for the opposite sex mean only one thing: infatuation.

It is a symbol of adulation, adoration, and admiration, which usually surpasses the platonic state.

It may be sent to a lady by a man who is head over heels in love with her or to a girlfriend by her lover.

Sending it to anyone other than your spouse is most likely to send the wrong message and may cause you no end of grief.

If she finds out, it can also lead to uncomfortable situations and standoffs between you and your wife.

A situation that you may find it hard to explain your way out of.

4. Winking face emoji

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman

There are several interpretations of a winking face.

It mostly indicates a playful or mischievous soul who loves to have fun.

It may also imply that you are teasing the person you are texting.

However, when directed at the opposite sex, it may sometimes mean that you have flirtatious intent.

As kids, it was general knowledge that when a boy winks at a girl, he is trying to tell her he likes her.

It’s not just a kid thing, though.

It still remains a strong nonverbal communication of interest or attraction.

To avoid your innocent messages being misconstrued as attempts to flirt, you may consider not sending winking faces to other women.

5. Rose Emoji

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman


The Rose has always been identified as a symbol of love.

Depicted on romantic cards and bought from florists as gifts for lovers, it is one of the oldest surviving symbols of love.

Since it is so obviously a symbol of love and romance, you should realize that it shouldn’t be sent to any other woman except your wife.

Save this emoji and send it to your wife on special occasions…as a visual representative of those words you may not know how to express.

6. Cat with heart eyes emoji

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman

This emoji is similar to the heart-eye emoji.

It can hardly be misused because it apparently signifies adulation and adoration.

It can also be interpreted as an expression of romantic interest and attraction.

You should avoid using this with other women if you are married because it may seem inappropriate to anyone who comes across the chat.

Any man who wants to enjoy a peaceful home knows well enough to avoid any emoji that even vaguely suggests romantic interest.

7. Lips emoji

Emojis a Married Man Should Never Send to Another Woman

The meaning of the emoji is relatively straightforward.

It is mainly used to convey a kiss in chats.

Sending this to another woman may be seen as an attempt to initiate physical intimacy, which is inappropriate when you are married.


Final Words

Various posts have urged people to “send that risky text today.”

Dear married man, you shouldn’t send a risky text to anybody.

In this digital age, maintaining boundaries in communication is essential, especially for married people.

While emojis can add fun and emotion to our messages, they can also lead to misunderstandings and mistrust when used carelessly.

To preserve a healthy marriage and avoid any potential misinterpretations, married men should avoid sending the emojis above to women other than their wives.

It is important to exercise caution and maintain boundary lines in communicating with a woman other than your wife.

Cheers to safe texts and beautiful marriages!

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