Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These X Things

We can’t deny that everyone should be respected.

Irrespective of gender, status and age, we owe one another respect and kindness, and I will say that’s true.

However, when it comes to romantic or emotional situations, there is a certain type of respect that goes beyond the kind that we give to just everyone else.

I will call it “value”.

Yes, I think “value” is a closer word to it.

A man should respect a woman and vice versa, but when it comes to matters that concern the heart, there is a way a woman can gain uncommon respect from a man.

Let me share some of these things with you.

I believe that women who do them are respected by men.

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These 7 Things

1. Who knows themselves and What they want

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

Self-identity is a love language for some men.

Seeing a fully aware woman who exercises discretion in how she does things.

A woman who knows what she wants in life and has a template or direction that she wants her life to go in is something that calls for respect from a man.

It makes him realize that you are not just an ordinary lady or someone who is just out there in life trying everything.

That impression of control and identity makes him see that you are more than just you, so he values your person and gives you more respect.

This is to write a little, but I believe in such a scenario, the guy is even forced to put his life together or compose himself when around you.

Because he will want to give the same energy you are giving.

Men respect women who are self-aware

2. Who Respects them

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

Respect is reciprocal, yes, but the truth is we don’t really find that playing out in our society these days.

Truthfully, some people lack good character, are rude, and are oblivious to it.

However, a woman who respects a man first as an individual will most likely get uncommon respect in return.

You are respecting them by treating them how you want to be treated.

You should not be demanding what you can’t give, should you?

Treating a man nicely, being a good friend and being kind is how a woman can respect a man.

When you are polite and honest, and do not say mean things to him.

It also involves understanding and accepting his feelings, opinions, and differences.

He doesn’t have to think like you.

So a man might only respect a woman who does not make him feel bad because his views may differ.

3. Who is humble and listens to them and others

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

Being arrogant will chase everyone away from you.

You will barely find someone who would genuinely respect you as an individual, not to even talk about a romantic situation.

Men respect women who are not prideful or think of themselves as better than everyone else.

Boasting about your achievements, demanding all the attention, belittling others and feeling entitled to things you can’t give is a turn-off.

Demanding all the attention and giving room for no one else to speak; you want to be listened to but don’t listen when other people talk; men only respect women who pay attention to their words.

Men only respect humble women who care to listen to people, including him.

4. Who can clearly express herself

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

As a lady, I admire friends who can clearly express themselves and do not leave me guessing what is wrong with them because they can’t communicate well.

I believe that is how men appreciate ladies who can express themselves.

I know we women like to be petty, and the truth is we like our men to put in the effort into finding out what is wrong and why we are carrying a long face.

That’s how we affirm that he cares.

However, there are cases where a man and a woman need to sit and have adult conversations.

At that moment, a clear expression of each person’s thoughts and feelings must be adequately communicated so the other can understand them, like in handling conflicts and disagreements.

A woman who does not make communication difficult for a man and shows emotional intelligence will be seen as mature and respected by him.

5. Who Respect themselves.

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

One funny thing about respect is that people don’t give it to themselves.

It’s funny but real.

It is possible to respect others and not respect yourself, your body, things that matter to you, like your dreams and ambitions, and also your words.

Men respect women who respect themselves.

Recognizing the importance and integrity of your words and ensuring to keep your promises is a sign that you respect yourself.

Saying things you won’t do or not practicing what you say gives the impression that you also do not take yourself seriously.

Being careless with things that matter to you and giving room for your body to be misused will make a man respect a woman less.

Giving room for just anyone to make silly jokes or attempt at your body, like slapping your butt as a joke, will not encourage a man to respect you.

But women who set clear boundaries and stay clear with the things that matter to them are respected by men.

And you will see his respect in how he respects those boundaries you set and how he values the things you place in high esteem.

6. Who supports and encourages them

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

Another thing that calls for a man’s respect for a woman is if she supports and encourages him.

Being a source of support and inspiration would make him uncommonly respect you.

Life is tough enough.

Having someone to support and encourage you is appreciated because everyone else has a life going on for themselves, so it’s beautiful.

When a woman supports a man’s goals and aspirations and encourages personal growth, such effort will make him respect her.

7. Who shows affection and empathy to them

Guys Only Respect Women Who Do These Things

I love love!

I love to pour my emotions and heart into the person I love and not hold anything back.

Everyone wants to be loved.

And one thing about genuine love is that it calls forth virtues from the people in love.

That is why they say love is patient, love is kind, and love is compassionate.


Show anyone that you love them genuinely, and except if they have some personal issues going on, they will give you uncommon respect in return!

Men may only respect women who show them affection, empathy and let them see how much they mean to them.

Not their money looks, or skills, just loving them.

They will respect you as much as they are grateful for your love.

Final Words

In conclusion, the list might be longer than these, and the things I have mentioned here may happen differently depending on the relationship between the man and the woman or their individual differences.

However, I believe that in a romantic situation, men respect women who are real, respectful, humble, self-aware, good at communication, respect themselves and their sexuality, and love and respect them too.

Thank you for reading. I will write to you again soon!

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