“He Jokes About Marrying Me”- 7 Things It Means

“Wouldn’t it be great if I just married you now and save you the stress of answering the “why are you still single” questions?”

This was Eric’s regular line each time he talked to Sharon, and she complained about her mom constantly pestering her with questions about marriage.

He always said it with that playful glint in his eyes and a mischievous grin, suggesting that it was a joke.

He frequently joked about it that Sharon wondered whether it was a joke after all.

Can you relate to Sharon’s story?

The thing is, individuals have varying senses of humor.

However, when it relates to something you consider serious, what you may have regarded as funny in the past may no longer be funny.

And sometimes, when close friends make jokes about subjects like sex and marriage, you may begin to wonder if there is more to the joke than meets the eye.

When someone jokes about marrying you, it can have various meanings, depending on the context and the nature of your relationship.

To help you fathom what your friend may be getting at when he jokes about marrying you, here are some things a guy may mean by making jokes about marrying you

“He Jokes About Marrying Me”- 7 Things It Means

1. He could be testing the waters

He jokes about marrying me: things it means

There used to be a time when ladies dated only guys they liked enough to consider being married to.

Nowadays, ladies are dating guys simply because they need company.

Some ladies date certain guys only because of certain economic and financial benefits they get from them.

I am not even accusing the ladies of any wrongdoing.

But, there used to be a time when guys were almost always confident about receiving a positive response when proposing to marry a girl they have been dating.

However, with recent occurrences, many guys feel like they need to test the waters before going ahead with a proposal, especially if they plan to do it publicly.

To avoid potential embarrassment, such a guy may make a few jokes about being married to you to see how you respond to the idea.

So, if a guy you have been dating for some time is making jokes about marriage, he may be trying to detect how receptive you will be to his proposal if he goes ahead with his plans.

2. He could be feeling societal pressure

He jokes about marrying me: things it means

When a guy you have been dating for some time begins to make jokes about marriage, it may be because he is actually starting to feel the pressure.

Sometimes, people get into relationships for years with no definite plans for the future.

It gets to a stage during this relationship that the guy may begin to feel the weight of the expectations of their family and friends, who may have been expecting the relationship to have moved to the next stage.

In this situation, you may wonder if he genuinely wants to marry you or if he is only making those jokes because of the pressure he feels.

Either way, you mustn’t jump to any conclusions until he states his plans and feelings clearly to avoid being hurt.

3. He sees the possibility in the future

It is essential that when you get into relationships, they are clearly defined to avoid anyone being misled.

When a guy makes jokes about marrying you, it may be because he sees a possibility of that happening in the future.

If he is a close friend of yours, it may be a way of him telling you that he cares about you more than you know.

It’s possible for a lady to consider a guy who loves her very much as just a friend.

Many things happened to me when I was younger, but one of the major ones I can never forget is falling in love for the first time.

Falling in love for the first time with a girl who considered me a friend was the oddest thing ever.

Reading novels always made me feel that love was sweet until I actually tasted the bitter side of love.

I remember joking about her being my girlfriend, and she replied, “God forbid.”

I almost cried… I was embarrassed for myself.

Loving a girl who will never love you the same way is painful.

You may wonder why the guy just doesn’t express his love for her.

The fact is, some guys hate rejection and feel the pain even worse than others.

This is why a guy in love may joke about relationships and marriage to make you realize that he sees you as more than a friend.

4. He is actually joking

He jokes about marrying me: things it means

This is an option that you’ll need to consider.

When a guy jokes about marrying you, it may be that he is just joking and means nothing deeper than that.

This is why you must consider your relationship with him before arriving at any conclusions.

If he is the kind of friend with a long track record of being mischievous and playing practical jokes, you may want to consider every joke of his a joke until he clearly says it isn’t.

5. You friendzoned him

If your very close friend is always joking about marrying you, then maybe he likes you.

It is funny how ladies sometimes “friend zone” good husband materials all in the name of “I don’t want a relationship to spoil our friendship.”

Well, the irony of it is that these same ladies want to marry their best friends. Lol.

He may be making those jokes to register his interest to be more than friends with you.

Perhaps he isn’t sure how you will feel about an outright show of interest or a proposal, so he makes those jokes to stir your heart toward his direction.

He wants you to start noticing and accepting him as more than a friend.

6. He may have a low self-esteem

Well, the guy in question may have low self-esteem due to things that have happened in his past.

Perhaps ladies have also served his premium hot breakfast in prior relationships, hence his jocular stance.

He likes you but is scared to come out clean and straight.

I once heard a story of a guy in love with a lady; they were best friends, but he never found the courage to express his feelings.

Eventually, another guy came along and went for the bull’s eye; he proposed to her.

After the proposal, Mr secret admirer found the courage to express his feelings, but it was too late.

7. He is playing you

He jokes about marrying me

Now, this is different from a guy joking with you.

Usually, philanderous guys make flirty jokes like this to get into your heart.

They know that ladies are primarily moved by what they hear, hence why he is saying such words to you.

He uses the jocular medium to crash the walls around your heart so he can make you fall for him.

In this case, you need to be careful.


“He Jokes About Marrying Me”- What To Do

Well, if he keeps making costly jokes about marrying you, whether he is shy, testing the waters, or joking, you need to speak up.

Please let him know if it doesn’t sit well with you.

Also, guard your heart diligently.

If you feel like he is trying to express his feelings for you, be careful of making assumptions.

It will be better for you to wait till he clearly says it.

Furthermore, you should never forget that marriage is too important to rush into because you are pressured.

Cheers to waiting and finding the right man!

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