“He Keeps Cheating On Her But Never Leaves Her” – 11 Reasons Why

In many cases, when infidelity steps into a relationship or marriage, it marks the beginning of the end of that marriage or relationship.

You don’t have to have been cheated on to know that cheating is an unpleasant experience.

The betrayal, the hurt, the loss of trust, the insecurity, and so much more coming from someone who promised fidelity and loyalty, someone who you trusted and was vulnerable with, can’t be explained with words.

So, it’s understandable when the relationship falls apart, especially when it’s done repeatedly.

However, there are some interesting situations, some of which you’ve probably observed yourself, where someone keeps cheating but remains with their primary partner.

“Cheating means they’re dissatisfied with the relationship, so why are they still in it?” you may ask.

I’ll tell you.

“He Keeps Cheating On Her But Never Leaves Her” – 11 Reasons Why

1. He’s married to her

He Keeps Cheating On Her But Never Leaves Her

If it’s a marriage relationship, that may be why he’s not leaving.

Unlike a relationship where you can just up and leave without necessarily following any due process, walking out of a marriage will require some work.

He doesn’t want to go through all the stress of separation or divorce, so it’s more convenient for him to remain in the marriage and continue with his escapades.

It doesn’t mean he’s still in love with or invested in his wife.

He might have been mentally and emotionally detached from the relationship and would have been there more out of habit and convenience than commitment.

So he doesn’t even feel the need to leave the marriage even though he’s cheating because even while he’s there, it’s almost as though the marriage doesn’t exist.

2. She chooses to remain with him

If he’s never leaving, it’s because she’s still staying.

He still has her to come home to after every episode of his cheating adventure.

One thing about indisciplined men is that they’ll go as far as they can in the wrong direction once they see you’re willing to tolerate it as a woman.

The lack of consequences for his actions is like an encouragement for him to keep it going.

This is usually the case with women who see cheating as a normal part of every relationship or a habit of all men.

These women comfortably remain with the man because cheating is not a deal breaker for them.

And since he knows he can get away with it without losing the relationship, he gladly eats his cake and has it.

3. She meets all his needs

he keeps cheating on her but never leaves her: reasons why

“Then why is he cheating?”

Because that’s who he is.

Cheating isn’t always because the woman is deficient in some areas or doesn’t meet the man’s needs. 

People cheat on perfect partners. 

Sometimes, it’s just about who the man is: a cheater.

He may have it all in one woman, but his wondering eyes and throbbing pants keep tossing him into other women’s arms.

But even as he goes to and fro, he knows that his woman still far surpasses all his flings.

She’s different from the others, and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Even if they have some issues here and there in the relationship, he doesn’t address them because he’s afraid of possible confrontation and eventual fallout from addressing those issues.

He doesn’t want the relationship to end, so he continues to cheat and still holds on to his relationship instead of addressing underlying issues.

4. She’s the only one who can tolerate him

Lots of women who know their worth and detest disrespect see cheating as a deal breaker.

Once a man cheats on them or does it over and over again, they know he doesn’t value them, so they walk out of the relationship.

But some women are different.

They choose to be ‘strong’ and endure, tolerating everything and anything the man brings their way.

The man, on the other hand, knows that not every woman can do this; stick with him even with his philandering lifestyle.

So he never leaves her, not because he loves her or doesn’t want to lose her, but because she’s the only one who can put up with his crap.

5. Unmet needs

he keeps cheating on her but never leaves her: reasons why

Sometimes, people cheat because their needs aren’t met in their primary relationship.

It is not an excuse for cheating, but it is what it is.

If the man feels starved of something essential in his primary relationship or marriage, he may keep stepping out.

However, seeking fulfillment elsewhere doesn’t mean he doesn’t value his relationship.

He values it for other reasons, so he tries to keep it, too.

I mean, the more honorable thing to do would be to either work on his relationship or end it and face someone else who meets his needs.

But not all men are honorable.

6. He doesn’t want to be alone

The reason he never leaves, even though he’s a chronic and serial cheat, is that he doesn’t want to be alone.

Nobody wants to be lonely, especially after having tasted the sweetness of companionship.

He’s afraid that he may not be able to find another partner if this relationship ends.

So, even though he tours the world to be intimate with other people, he stays in his relationship.

A committed cheat.

7. He wants to torture her

he keeps cheating on her but never leaves her: reasons why

One of the traits of people who are psychotic is enjoying watching people suffer.

He might be cheating on her repeatedly because he wants to see her suffer.

It’s a narcissistic behavior.

He’s a sadist who derives joy from watching people go through pain.

He knows his actions and their effect on his partner but doesn’t care.

He loves it.

8. He has personal issues

People who cheat have personal issues, more so in a case like this.

The man may be suffering from some self-esteem issues, and that’s why he keeps seeking validation and acceptance from multiple partners, even when he’s in a stable relationship.

Or he may have become addicted to the vice.

Just like substance abuse and pornography, cheating can become addictive for some individuals.

It may have become a compulsive behavior that he struggles to desist from despite knowing it harms his relationship.

He may also be self-sabotaging his relationship, perhaps because he feels unworthy or afraid of intimacy.

9. He doesn’t see it as wrong

he keeps cheating on her but never leaves her: reasons why

Some men have so normalized cheating that they now do it without batting an eyelid.

They don’t see the wrong in it and keep doing it repeatedly.

Assuming everyone knows what is right or will do it is unrealistic. Some people live in a different world and have different mindsets.

The man may feel entitled to getting emotional fulfillment outside of the relationship without considering the impact on her.

It could also be because there is a lack of clear communication about what is okay and acceptable in the relationship.

When boundaries aren’t set, and deal breakers aren’t communicated, it can lead to confusion and repeated infidelity.

10. Compartmentalization

Human beings have a unique ability to compartmentalize their minds and lives.

Some people go as far as compartmentalizing their feelings and love life.

A man who’s a master at compartmentalizing may value his relationship and still care for his partner but still want to be gallivanting around.

He wants the best of both worlds.

11. It’s just an impulse thing

he keeps cheating on her but never leaves her: reasons why

Even though cheating is a serious act capable of rattling the foundations of trust and connection in a relationship, some me still see it as something that isn’t that deep.

He cheats carelessly because it doesn’t hold much significance to him.

So, he may not actively go in search of a cheating partner, but when presented with the opportunity, he takes it.

He cheats due to impulse and not necessarily because he wants his relationship to end.

He doesn’t think deeply about his actions or the consequences but rather sees it as a casual thing.

What he fails to realize is that cheating is, in fact, very deep and can have dire consequences.

But if he has a different mindset, you may find him repeatedly cheating on his partner but still wanting to keep the relationship.

People’s mindsets and motives vary, and that is why you can’t accurately give general reasons for a man’s actions in a situation like this until you examine the situation closely or have a conversation with him.

However, for most men who are serial cheats but remain with their primary relationship, these are their reasons.

These reasons are neither excuses nor justifications for cheating; they’re just what they are.

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