How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

Are you wondering how to make him miss you like crazy?


What is it with women liking to be chased?


It’s like heaven to them.

Well, I like to be chased too.

I like to know that you miss me.

I like to know that you want me even after you just finished hanging out with me.

Women like their men to miss them like crazy, and they like to see that he does.

It’s not just a thing that women like.

It’s an assurance that this man is in love with them.

Everyone wants to be loved.

In fact, we all want to be madly loved, not the kind that is an obsession but one that gives the “you mean the world to me, and I want you more” vibe.

So if we ever have a man in our life, we always want to see that he yearns to be with us.

This is not to make loving us difficult for him but to ensure that, like a trader to her customer, he returns because he wants and misses her so much.

Would you love for your man to miss you like crazy?

Well, I will be sharing seven super things I believe can make him do so.

Read on, girlfriend!

7 Ways To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

1. Make him feel comfortable

How to make him miss you like crazy
You know, as ladies, we appreciate men who give us room to be ourselves.

But not only ladies demand this.

Men do too.

When you allow your man to feel comfortable with you, being himself and free to be vulnerable, it makes him always want to be with you.

Yes, it can make him miss you like crazy.

You become his safe space, and who wouldn’t want to be in a safe space 24/7?

Making him comfortable by listening to him when he talks, laughing at his jokes, paying attention and putting effort to understand and relate with him will give him so much pleasure to be around you all the time.

Be a friend to him.

Be positive and happy when you’re around him.

People are naturally attracted to those who always express positivity and joy.

Join him to enjoy what he appreciates, always express positivity and joy and watch how your presence will be needed to crown his days because he enjoys being with you.

2. Make him feel important and needed

How to make him miss you like crazy

Do you know how much guys like to be in control of the situation?

Most men find pride in fixing issues and being helpful.

So if you want your man to miss you like crazy, one thing I suggest that you can do is make him know that you need his assistance.

Even with things you can do yourself, ask him to help.

When you need to replace your bad laptop charger, call him and ask if he can help you get it because you know he can get a better one.

Let him know you trust him, you are confident in his actions and appreciate him very well when he helps.

Make him feel important and needed because men love to be Superheroes, especially when their woman has affirmed that they are.

You may realise that he starts to seek out means always to help you because he wants to keep feeding your confidence in him.

This means things may become awkward when he doesn’t help for a while.

He begins to miss you so much more.

3. Always look beautiful when you see him and leave a lasting impression.

How to make him miss you like crazy

Who doesn’t appreciate their lover looking beautiful?

I love my man to look stunning and handsome all the time.

It makes me feel like eating him up like a well-flavoured gum!


When you look beautiful as a woman whenever your man sees you, it leaves a lasting impression and is refreshed again when he meets you next time because you will be beautiful then as well.

Just keep looking beautiful, smell nice and smile real.

And your image will constantly play in his head, leaving traces of joy and appreciation for you in his heart that makes him yearn to meet you sooner.

He learns to recognise your smell and enjoys how it feels to be around you, his beauty.

This makes him miss you like crazy.

4. Make Lasting Memories All The Time For Him To Think About When You’re Not Near

How to make him miss you like crazy

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

“Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day-to-day obstacles in life.” – John Amatt

You may wonder why I am beginning to explain this point by sharing adventure quotes.

In making memories together, lovers need to wear the attitude of adventure and apply it to the moment they spend together.

Have you ever replayed a beautiful memory without recalling who and what was present in your lives during those times?

I don’t think it’s possible.

Replaying memories is remembering people who are not near.

When a man’s heart is filled with experiences with you, he may always miss you like crazy, especially when something reminds him of those moments.

It doesn’t always have to be the “let’s visit the jungle” kind of adventure.

Memories with a lover can be built from little things like eating in a new place, trying different ways of communicating or going to the field with him to watch him play football while you watch and laugh because he hasn’t played it in a while

Send him flirty texts or talk flirty with him when you are far, and those impressions will leave him wanting to be with you so bad.

5. Be honest that you miss him too

How to make him miss you like crazy

Personally, I find self-awareness, boundaries, emotional maturity, respect, honesty, clear communication, compassion and vulnerability attractive.

Yes, nothing hits better than when I am with someone who is clear with expressions and honest about their feelings.

I love them more.

Though some people suppose nowadays that letting people know– especially a guy- how much you care about and miss them will make them careless, take you for granted, or see you as cheap.

But I believe being honest about your feelings is attractive and will grow a bond between you and your guy for him to miss you like crazy.

Everybody wants to be loved, including the guy you want to miss like crazy.

So making him know that you love and miss him and acknowledging it verbally may make him miss you much more because he knows you miss him too.

Everyone appreciates reciprocated love.

6. Be present in his life

How to make him miss you like crazy
It happens sometimes that one partner is more present in the other’s life than the person is in theirs.

This should not be the case if you want your man to miss you like crazy.

If a man is to miss you like crazy, he should also have an assurance that you are there for him.

Do life with him.

He has a special day, be present for him

He is in a difficult situation, be present to support him.

This way, your absence will be greatly felt, and he will want to be with you more often.

He will miss you so much because you will come to mind when such experiences arise again.

7. Use The Cycling Method

How to make him miss you like crazy
Hahaha, this already sounds funny, but here is what I mean.

Cyclical” means that something happens in a repeating pattern, where you receive or experience it occasionally but not continuously or consistently.

What I am trying to describe is a situation where you are present, but you are not too present.

You stay away or keep a distance for a while just to let him feel your absence.

This does not counter the aspect where I suggested that you should be there for him, but instead, it includes you making him know that you have time for yourself too.

He begins to wonder how you feel about hanging out and having fun.

He wants to have the full gist, and when you share it with him, and he sees how fun your personal life is, he will not want to miss any part of it.

Be there for him but don’t always be there whenever he wants you.

This can be an intentional act, but I believe it will flow better if you naturally put up a balanced life for yourself. Then definitely, life won’t be all about him.

Make plans with your friends, pursue your hobbies, and have your schedule.

This way, he’ll have a chance to miss you and value the time you spend together.

Also, don’t share everything about yourself right away.

Let him uncover new things about you gradually, leave some topics unconcluded and say something like, “We will talk about this when we see each”, or “How about we discuss this on this so and so day since we will be hanging out.”

It gives him something to anticipate, adds excitement and makes him more interested in spending time with you.


So yeah, my suggestions may be pretty detailed, but the ways to make a guy miss you like crazy may not be limited to all these I have mentioned.

However, it is important that, as ladies, we realise we can’t fully guarantee or control how a guy misses us or handles our absence.

But we have the sauce anyway!

And yes, if we stay real, honest and beautiful, then, of course, that guy would always die to see you if he loves you!

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