If A Guy Is Losing Interest You’ll See These 8 Signs

Everyone experiences a peculiar feeling when someone they love is losing interest in them.

It is a feeling that is quite similar to panic.

You know the feeling because you have probably felt it before.

There’s a shift in your relationship that you can’t quite put your finger on but you know it’s there.

You make excuses for your feelings and sometimes think you are just being insecure.

You convince yourself that you are just overthinking things, and things return to normal until the feeling hits you again.

Something major is about to hit you.

You just know it, and it isn’t something good.

The fact is that when a guy is losing interest in you, it isn’t something that can be hidden.

There are obvious signs, but you intentionally ignore them because you are so eager to think you are an insecure overthinker.

So you don’t overlook the major signs, I have created a list of the obvious signs you will see if a guy is losing interest in you.

Let’s see if your worst fears are just a product of an overthinking mind or real…

Come along…

If A Guy Is Losing Interest You’ll See These 8 Signs

1. He always makes excuses for not spending time with you

If a guy is losing interest in you, you'll see these signs


One of the most obvious signs that a guy is losing interest in you is when he stops spending time with you.

Sometimes, this doesn’t mean that he actually stops hanging out with you.

It just means that there is a reduction in how often you see him.

Whenever you talk about how little time he spends with you, he makes excuses about how busy he is at work or how he doesn’t feel well.

He could sometimes stand you up on a date because “something came up.”

Don’t get it twisted…

I am not saying he is lying about being busy at work or not feeling well.

Neither can any man totally control his day in a way that “something” would never come up.

However, there’s something off about the way he gives the excuses.

He is even nonchalant about making excuses.

It is a sign that he is beginning to care about you even less as the days go by.

I am sure you remember the earlier days of your relationship with a great deal of nostalgia.

You can recall how he used to rearrange his schedule just to make time for you.

Now, everything in his life precedes you, and you can’t reconcile this with the caring man you used to know.

I hate to break this to you, but if a guy is losing interest in you, this is one of the most obvious signs.

2. He no longer seems curious about your life

When a guy is genuinely interested in you, he is curious to know everything about you.

We are naturally inquisitive, some more than others, but we all have one thing in common: we want to know all there is to know about the person we love.

So, we ask questions.

We ask questions about things from the past.

You meet friends, and he wants to know who they are.

Not because he is insecure or doesn’t trust you but because he wants to know you.

He wants to know every little detail about your life.

The moment he starts being disinterested in anything you say, you should start hearing alarm bells.

He acts bored when you talk to him and sometimes cuts you off to do something else.

He may even pretend to be listening, but he looks away constantly, presses his phone, and can’t even remember what you said last.

All these are signs that he is tuning you out, and basically, that is what I do to people when I am not interested in them or what they have to say, but I am too polite to say they are disturbing me.

3. He is no longer excited to see you

There is this glow that anyone in love has.

It is almost like they swallowed light and it is reflecting from deep within them.

Everyone sees that glow, but the one who gets to bask in the fullness is the one they are in love with.

When a guy is in love with you, you don’t just get to bask in the fullness of his glow; you are also the source of it.

Remember Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”?

“And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.”

This is how a man feels when he is in love with you.

The way he lights up when he sees you?

It’s so obvious when he is in love with you.

Likewise, it should be obvious when he begins to lose interest in you.

He no longer lights up when he sees you.

He no longer gets excited when he sees you.

He no longer feels like the whole world stops when you smile.

You no longer make his heart race.

Women feel that way, too.

My female friend told me that the moment she stopped feeling excited to see a guy, she knew that was the end of whatever crush she had on him.

4. Communication is terrible

If a guy is losing interest in you, you'll see these signs

One of the most foolproof ways to tell if a guy is losing interest in you is to examine your communication.

You used to communicate well with him via texts and calls, and he responded quickly.

However, recently, your communication has taken a hit.

He doesn’t respond to your texts or calls, and when he does, he gives you cold replies that can stop even the most skilled conversationalist right in their tracks.

I remember how I used to help my roommate chat with girls when I was at the university.

He would meet a new girl, slide into her inbox, and when he hit a wall, hand over the phone to me and watch while I worked my magic.

I was really good but didn’t have a 100% success rate.

Sometimes, the ladies were just too resistant to having a conversation that I would give up.

Well, since most ladies know a lot about shutting down conversations with guys they don’t like, this sign should be the one they spot earliest.

If he is losing interest in you, you will notice that conversing with him feels like a struggle.

Conversations are forced, and they don’t flow freely as they should.

5. He is always angry at you

If a guy is losing interest in you, you'll see these signs

This tactic is very common for guys when they lose interest in a female.

They get angry easily at the most minor things.

Their reactions are usually out of proportion with the matter.

When a guy loses interest in you, you may discover that he is always ready to fight you over small issues.

This may be an attempt to get you so tired of his bad behavior that you break up with him.

He may be attempting to push your buttons, hoping you will break up with him.

Why doesn’t he just break up?

It is childish, but many guys prefer that someone else break up for them.

Also, he may be getting angry easily because he now gets irritated by you.

Those things you used to endear you to him no longer seem cute.

Love can make a man think the weirdest things about you are cute.

When he begins to lose interest in you, he starts seeing you from a different lens, and those things he used to find sweet about you make him want to scream.

6. He is physically and emotionally distant

If a guy is losing interest in you, you'll see these signs

When a guy begins to lose interest in you, you may have to bid farewell to intimacy in the relationship.

Being intimate with someone you are not even sure you like anymore is difficult.

He becomes really distant from you, and you don’t even know what is going on in his life. He doesn’t even attempt to open up to you.

And yeah, I know I have always said that I don’t support premarital sex.

However, it has become a really common practice.

So, another aspect of your relationship that takes a hit is physical intimacy.

He no longer attempts to touch you, and even when you try to get him to make love to you, he just looks at you with disinterest or downright rejects you.

Sex is not enough to win a man’s heart, and it will never be enough to keep him in the relationship if he is no longer interested in you.

Guys demonstrate a marked disinterest in having sex with you if they are losing interest in you…

Except when… (check next point).

7. They only have sex with you

Your relationship has reduced to nothing other than one sexual encounter or the other.

This is the other side of the coin.

If a guy is only interested in sex, it could be a sign that he is losing interest in you.

He probably performs this disappearing act: He goes incommunicado for days and then pops into your inbox one night, asking to meet you at his place.

Of course, he makes excuses about being busy at work or just going through a lot in his life.

You go over to his place, happy that he has finally seen the errors of his ways.

But you are in for a shocker because he repeatedly does the same thing.

You don’t know why he fluctuates, but I will tell you.

He is no longer interested in you, but he doesn’t want to lose the fringe benefits of being with you.

He wants to continue having sex with you while he works to find a replacement for you.

8. He no longer talks about the future

This is another sign that a man is beginning to have second thoughts about his relationship with you.

I remember a time when I was so in love with my ex.

We had planned a future together and talked about how we would love the wedding to look like and how many children we wanted.

We had even decided on the names of our kids.

Now, years down the line, after ending the relationship, I am still single.

Looking back, the first real sign I gave her of my loss of interest was a stubborn refusal to talk about the future, even if she wanted to talk about it so badly.

The fact is that I was actually struggling to see a “tomorrow” for us, and I wasn’t going to plan for the many years to come with her.

If your boyfriend is evasive whenever you mention things about the future, it could be a sign that he is losing interest in you.

However, this is not a conclusive sign on its own.

People with commitment issues also avoid such conversations because it makes them feel like they are restrained in a place.

Combined with the other signs listed above, it becomes a failproof way of knowing when a guy is losing interest in you.

Ultimately, you know deep within you when a guy is losing interest in you.

The fact that you are reading this article is a sign that a part of you already knows, and you are hoping the things I will say will prove you wrong.

Well, I hope you don’t see any of these signs in your relationship.

Dealing with disinterest from someone you love can be challenging to deal with.

However, you’ll navigate it with determination and a healthy sense of self-love.

In the not-so-distant future, I hope you meet the right man who will cherish you and treat you like a jewel.

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