5 Power Signs You Are His Weakness

Firstly, I would like to clear the air. 

Because what most people think about a woman being a man’s weakness may not be all that is. 

Being a man’s weakness doesn’t mean controlling or manipulating them. 

It means having a strong emotional connection where they feel safe and open with you.

Have you ever thought about women’s power? 

By “women’s power,” I mean the emotional influence women may have on men that make them react in certain ways or do uncommon things for and to them. 

But not to the extent of endangering or hurting themselves, not in a negative sense. 

It’s more like being their man’s weakness. 

Like all those toughness and invulnerability fly away, and contrary to what is common among men, you find these men going head over heels with them.

All because of love!

And it appears like there is this one button the woman has discovered, and it controls all his hardness. 

And although every man is unique, certain actions might show that your man feels very emotionally open and affected by you. 

Not all women have such an effect on their men. 

And while some women do, many still wonder if they have such an emotional effect on their man. 

You can tell that you are your man’s weakness or that you have a serious impact on him through the following five power signs:

5 Power Signs You Are His Weakness

1. He Sacrifices Selflessly For You

In making selfless sacrifices for someone, a person puts a lot on the line and compromises personal matters in favour of the other person.  

A woman who is a man’s weakness will find such a man cancelling his personal schedule to put her needs first. He seamlessly considers her happiness even if it means putting his desires on hold. 

He goes all the way for her always and won’t risk leaving any stone unturned just to make her happy and ensure that she is fine. 

He gives this “anything for you” vibe even when he gets nothing in return. 

He is just so selfless, and it’s charming. 

2. He Is Really Protective Of You

5 power signs that you are his weakness

If your heart was originally positioned at the centre of your palm and open for everyone to see, how much would you protect it, knowing it means A LOT to you? 


A vulnerable man’s heart is where his woman is. 

You will find him protecting her in various situations. 

Like doing everything to settle disputes or disagreements to save them from a breakup and being frank with his male friends on how they should treat her. 

He points out to guys around to let them know she is his; it’s like him guarding territories. 

Like, “Sorry, she’s taken, search elsewhere, dude.”

He is usually jealous and gets really hurt when she gives attention to other guys or seems moved by their actions. 

He wants to be the only one with such an emotional impact on her, so it hurts him whenever it feels like they are getting too much. 

Just as a child guides their last candy, he is protective of her, which may be a sign that she is his weakness. 

3. He Prioritizes You And All That Concerns You

5 power signs that you are his weakness

One of the ways to know that you are your man’s weakness is by how he prioritises you. 

The amount of value his actions reveal that he places on you. 

If his priorities were summarised into one word, it would be “you.”

Lol, although that might sound like a pickup line, but it’s pure honesty. 

He values you so much, and you will notice he puts you first on the list all the time, and nothing else comes close. 

He doesn’t take things about you likely, and he shows you so much affection.

You are precious to him, and it can be seen in his deep connection with you.

The look in his eyes and even his body gestures show how much you mean to him. 

He wants to always spend time with you, he wants to know you, and he puts effort into understanding and appreciating your uniqueness. 

Even the not-so-good sides of you, the flaws and weirdness you also do not feel good about, yet he admires them and considers you perfect no matter how you look. 


This may be a sign that that man is greatly affected by you emotionally, and the love has grown to cover all imperfections. 

And though he may notice them, he accepts you that way. 

4. He Can’t Keep Things From You, So He Tells You Everything

5 power signs that you are his weakness

When a man’s feelings for a woman have grown into deep vulnerability, she will become his safe space. 

His go-to person. 

Things just feel right when he talks to her, and she will be able to sense it. 

Such a man is emotionally open and willing to show his sensitive sides. 

He tells you everything and will struggle to keep things from you. 

He is like an open book, and things get awkward when he tries to be a hard guy because you can always tell. 

He is just vulnerable with you, being emotionally intimate and open. 

He feels comfortable expressing his emotions and vulnerabilities with you, even those he may not share with others; this is a sign that you are his weakness.

5. He Really Values Your Opinions And Takes Your Advice

5 power signs that you are his weakness

What’s that thing that is easily given but difficult to take? 


If a woman is said to be any man’s weakness, it will be confirmed by how much he heeds her advice and takes on her opinions.  

You will notice that you are his weakness by how he values your opinions and handles differences in your perspectives. 

He ensures that you are cool and you understand why he won’t be taking your opinion and will communicate to be sure you are fine with it. 

He listens and puts in the effort to understand you. 

He treats the things you say with value because he wants you to be a part of what he does.

He supports your contributions even in public and stands to help you all the time. 


To know that you are a man’s weakness, as a woman, you will first notice that he loves you so much. 

He is deeply emotionally moved by you, and this makes him sacrifice for you. 

Wanting to protect you jealously, respect and value you and your opinions, be comfortably vulnerable with you and won’t mind crying to your face, and puts you on the top of the list. 

But it is important that I also mention that he may be doing these things because he values your presence in his life and doesn’t want to risk treating you wrongly or losing you. 

So he puts up his best acts, loving you so much that he can do crazy things for you. 

This is the height of the “woman power”, lol, as I mentioned at the beginning of this writing. 

And although the things that confirm that you are your man’s weakness may not be these things alone, I believe my few suggestions answer the queries in your heart. 

Keep enjoying love.

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