10 Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

She had been married for twenty years to the absolute love of her life; they were the perfect couple and had two beautiful daughters.

All was well in paradise until she got a rude shock.

She found out that her husband had been cheating on her.

It took one text message from her husband’s side piece to shatter her picture-perfect marriage.

However, Mary couldn’t deal; she warned the mistress to leave her husband and decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

Well, there are many more Marys out there, and if you are wondering why married women stay with their cheating husbands, then you are in good company.

This article aims to explore the various reasons married women stay with their cheating husbands.

Please read on.

10 Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

1. They are still in love

Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

Cheating is a very hurtful behavior that can totally devastate a person.

However, some women may decide to forgive their husbands and give them second chances because they still have deep feelings for them.

Love is so powerful that it can make a woman overlook the hurt of cheating and forgive her husband, sometimes over and over again.

So, why do some women stay with their cheating husbands?

Because for them, their love is enough to be worth another try.

2. They are naive

Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

Naivety is not a quality for only the young; even older people possess it.

Being naive is different from trusting your husband.

If, after finding irrefutable evidence that your husband has cheated on you, you still believe whatever cock and bull story he cooks up for you, then you are not trusting but merely naive.

Some women stay with cheating husbands because they are so willing to believe his cheating was a mistake that they think of any silly excuses he feeds them.

3. Staying for the children

Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

This category of women no longer trust or even love their husbands.

They are only staying for the children.

Divorces can be very messy sometimes, and the children are usually the most affected by the struggle.

For these women, it is better to live with a man they don’t trust than to put their children through the emotional wringer that comes with most divorces.

I grew up in a closely knitted street where everyone knew everyone and almost everything happening in their lives.

In that same street, a woman lived with her husband, a man everyone knew to be a chronic womanizer.

In fact, there was this standing joke about him that ran along the line of him “chasing after a goat if it wears skirts.”

This showed the man thought that anything in skirts was fair game, and he did his “hunting” so blatantly like he didn’t have a care.

The woman never left, though; her reason for doing this was her daughter, who had suffered trauma as a child.

She didn’t feel her child could endure the additional stress of a messy divorce.

She stayed because of this, sacrificing her self-worth and pride to keep her daughter safe.

4. They are too dependent to be alone

Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

Some women still hold on to their marriages even though he cheats on them because he’s a good father to his children and provides for the household.

They may have become so dependent on their husbands in many ways, especially financially, that they can’t even imagine being a single parent without picturing hardship.

Even with alimony, many divorced women go through a lot taking care of their families.

Some women have decided that staying with a serial cheat is better than being alone.

5. Family and religious reasons

Jane was recently wed and pregnant when she discovered her husband had five other women on the side.

She stayed with her husband for twenty-two years through countless infidelities until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Even then, her decision didn’t sit well with her traditional Catholic family.

Her family believed it was up to the woman to keep a marriage together — whatever the cost and that when a marriage failed, the woman must have done something wrong.

The basic idea is that “no man is perfect.

Hence, women should try to bear whatever they face in marriage because there is no guarantee that the next guy will be better.”

Her family badgered her for years, and her husband pleaded, desperately claiming to have turned a new leaf.

Her only saving grace in this period was that her kids were adults already, and they knew how much he had hurt her in the past.

They were her support system.

Many women like Jane are going through the same situation, but unlike her, they have no support system.

For these women, the choice of staying with a cheating husband may appear to be better than leaving without any support out there.

Religion may also play a part in some women staying with cheating husbands.

Many Christians believe that the Bible is against divorce under any circumstances.

This also applies to several other religions in the world.

6. They believe they can get through it

Reasons Married Women Stay With Their Cheating Husbands

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” is the anthem of women in this category.

They feel that infidelity is not a deal breaker, so they hold tight to their husbands.

Some even believe that when a relationship survives infidelity by one partner, it strengthens it.

Whether this ideology is true or not, only time will tell.

7. They see nothing wrong with it

Definitions are fundamental, and what you call cheating may be seen as polygamy in certain cycles.

If the woman buys into such ideology, she is likely to stay through and endure what some people perceive to be ‘her fate.’

Cultures and religions that endorse polygamy are covered under this category.

8.  They have a low self-esteem

Some women are very insecure and tie a huge regard for their marriage.

In their estimation, they can be nothing without the man.

A woman with no voice in the marriage will suffer and smile through his cheating panorama.

This is also connected to her personality, as women with introverted personalities may be more tolerant of a cheating spouse.

The woman may also be a victim of domestic violence who has lost her voice and the ability to make sound decisions.

This is another reason married women stay with their cheating husbands.

9. They hope he will change

Now, this is the height of it all.

Some women are such hope tanks that they believe their cheating husband will eventually outgrow the act and stop.

Some even think they have the power to change him.

It is even sad when, in a bid to help him change, the woman gets pregnant again!

Guess what?

It only gets her out of the way so he can continue his sexcapades.

No woman has the ability to change a man; a man can only change if he wants to.

10. They are afraid of losing everything

She may not be dependent on the man or have a low esteem, but she may just be crippled with the fear of the unknown.

If we are sincere with ourselves, women get judged the most when the man cheats.

You hear snide comments about how she couldn’t keep the man flying around and nosy people raising their eyebrows as if to ask what she did wrong.

They say it’s a man’s world, which may be true in this context because the society is generally unfair to women.

Many married women with cheating husbands can’t bear to be the object of gossip and societal judgment.

This is why they stay with their cheating husbands.

In their view, “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

How sad!


Final Words

The above are the various reasons many women stay with their cheating husbands.

Tell me, would you have left if you were in Mary’s shoes? And why not?



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