6 Unmistakable Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You After Separation

Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You After Separation.

Despite popular opinions that may suggest that love is hurtful and marriage is a trick, love and marriage to some people have been nothing but joy.

You may wonder why I begin by saying that. 

I said that to remind us that marriage still works and love is beautiful.

It only takes a lot of work from both parties 

No one genuinely goes into marriage to separate. 

Most couples never see it coming and still do not recover from the shock after it happens. 

However, life is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs. 

We all desire to find that special person to share it with, and for some people, it’s hard. 

Could this be one of the reasons why couples separate?

Well, one thing is sure, a good number of people still regret when their marriage fails and still hope the story changes even after separation. 

Separation in marriage may also have a huge impact on one’s emotions, and it takes time for all the love one once felt for a person to go away. 

These may be why we ask questions like “Does my ex-husband or wife still likes me” or

“How do I know that my ex-husband still loves me?” and it is completely natural to do so. 

So dear luv, let’s discuss it.

6 Unmistakable Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You After Separation

1. He maintains a connection with you.

Signs that my husband still loves me after  separation

If he gets in touch with you frequently, it may be one of the signs that your husband still loves you after separation.

He will most likely seek ways to maintain a connection with opportunities for you both to do things together. 

Especially things of shared interests or activities, like attending ceremonies, outings related to something you love doing, couple hangouts, visiting friends and even formal gatherings.  

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly see him show up for an event he knows you will be attending. 

It may suggest that he desires to keep a bond with you.

He may or may not walk up to you, but he might be in attendance because he wishes to see you.

This attitude is contrary to what is expected.

Because when two people separate, for a while, they usually do not contact each other after the separation. 

But if your husband still contacts you and arranges for moments to spend time with you, it means he misses you; he is thinking of you and still wants that connection.

You are still on his mind.


2. He checks up on you.

Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You After Separation

After separation, if you notice your husband still pays attention to how you are doing and wants to know all the time, this might be a pointer that he still cares a lot. 

He checks up not only to know if you are fine but also to stay updated with what is happening to and around you.

The funny thing might be that he may not contact you directly to know how you are doing, or he may do this by calling friends, colleagues, parents or relatives. 

He regularly asks about you in between conversations and sometimes specifically. 

He might be checking to know about the things happening in your life. 

If he is the jealous type, you can notice him asking to know the intentions of the current male friends in your life, if you are moving on already and in what ways. 

This action suggests that your husband still loves you despite you both being separated.


3. He shares things with you.

signs that your husband still loves you after separation

When your husband shares important details about his life or simply wants to have meaningful and intimate conversations despite being separated, it suggests that he still loves you and values your presence in his life. 

When you begin to sense that your husband shares too much after separation, things you think he doesn’t have to or is not expected to share, it might be a sign. 

He lets you know of any new opportunity that may be beneficial to you.

He calls to tell you about his pet, the annoying attitudes of his boss or colleagues, and people who ask to know if you have truly separated; he just keeps telling. 

It means he still cherishes and misses his companionship with you; that is, he still loves you. 


4. He talks about the good times and memories you guys shared.

Signs That Your Husband Still Loves You After Separation

It’s not usual for an ex-partner to think about the good times you people shared together. 

That should be the last thing on your mind because you will be working to get over the separation. 

But for a husband who still loves his partner after separation, he will not only have the good memories playing in his head, but he will frequently share them with her.

It is possible that if he’s bringing up past shared memories, he still loves you and may be trying to reconnect again.

If he talks about past seasons, both the joyful and tough ones, and how you both survived it all, he might be picturing what it will be like for you both to be back together. 

This is a sign that he still loves you. 


5. He tries to make amends. 

Signs that my husband still loves me after  separation

If you notice that your husband actively works towards resolving issues, especially the ones that led to the separation, it shows his commitment and love. 

You can know this by how he seeks therapy, attends couples counselling even if he has to go alone, or changes his behaviour. 

He reaches out to those individuals he knows that you hold high esteem for, people who you respect and value their opinions.

He admits his wrongs and pleads for your forgiveness.

These efforts reflect his love for you and might also reflect his desire to rebuild the relationship.


6. He puts up his best attitude. 

Signs To Know You Are His Weakness

Isn’t it weird to find your partner putting up his best attitude after separation? 

It is weird, and it suggests that he still loves you. 

You notice he puts effort into doing those things you once complained about because he wasn’t doing them. 

He tries so much to please you and acts his best when around you. 

He shows a willingness to be there for you emotionally, listens to your concerns, offers a shoulder to lean on, and shows empathy.

He treats you with respect and kindness even after the separation. 

Both in person and through conversations, he speaks to you respectfully, does not talk down or criticise you, and demonstrates real concern for your feelings; this means that he still values you as a person.

He still holds love for you. 


Finally, let’s remember that marriages are unique, just as the people that go into them, and situations can be different. 

The way couples separate for different reasons, so we have different signs that may suggest that either of them still loves the other. 

However, when an ex-husband does things he naturally wouldn’t do on a normal day, it might be him trying to buy his way back into the woman’s life.

It could also be him being genuinely sorry and seeing a means to solve the issues at stake rather than go down the route of separation. 

If all of these happen, you can work it out if you are on the same page with him.

This will first happen by acknowledging the current reality as well as having a conversation about your reality and the way forward with him.



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