8 Obvious Signs You Are An Attractive Guy

Being attractive and knowing it is a major way of boosting your self-esteem.

Many people have suffered for a long time under the assumption that they are not attractive.

Hence, they have become rather clumsy, awkward, and self-conscious in their daily interactions, especially with the opposite sex.

So, you may find yourself wondering, “Am I attractive or not?”

This may be a serious conundrum for you, especially if you get mixed signals from people.

There are some signs that can indicate that people find you attractive, and this article will help you recognize those signs easily.

Here are the signs that you are an attractive guy;

8 Obvious Signs You Are An Attractive Guy

1. People smile at you often


signs you are an attractive guy

Smiles are symbolic, and most of the time, genuine smiles depict approval.

Smiling at a thing shows your approval of it.

One of the major signs that you are an attractive guy is that you get smiles wherever you go, even from strangers.

You don’t even need to be smiling to get them smiling at you.

If you have noticed that many people smile at you and you are wondering why, it may simply mean they realize you are good-looking and they like it.

2. Women may get flustered around you

signs you are an attractive guy

One of the major ways of knowing if you are attractive or not is by studying the reaction of the opposite sex to being close to you.

Many think that it is only guys who react to the presence of an attractive lady.

However, many females also react to the presence of attractive guys.

I have a female friend who would literally start gushing to me about the attractive man she just saw on the road.

Sometimes, they may get flustered and act unlike themselves around you.

You should look out for some of the following reactions to know if your presence flusters a lady: blushing suddenly, clearing her throat, using an unusual voice, fidgeting around you, or being clumsy when they see you.

Others include stuttering or saying silly things around you without intending to.

When you see these reactions, it is a sign that you are an attractive guy.

3. You have a magnetic personality

signs you are an attractive guy

Being an attractive guy is not just about your physical appearance.

It also involves your drive in life, your goals, and your inner purpose.

Knowing what wakes you up every morning gives you this inner charisma that just can’t stop drawing people to you.

Knowing what you want in life and going for it is such an admirable and attractive quality in a guy.

It may be a little shocking that people can sense something that is an inner quality and gravitate towards it.

But it happens that way.

This time, it’s not only ladies that are attracted to you.

People gravitate towards you.

4. People tell you that you are attractive

signs you are an attractive guy

This is another important sign that you are an attractive guy.

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

So, what better way is there to confirm your attractiveness than through the confirmation of people around you?

Most of the time, it is even possible that you don’t consider yourself attractive and you just think you are an average-looking individual.

I know this gives the vibes of those superhero movies in which the superhero feels like just a normal guy yet does spectacular things.

However, it applies the same way in reality.

You may not want to believe you are an attractive guy, but when many people tell you that you are attractive, it must be the truth.

Perhaps your inability to see it is because you are such a modest individual, which even makes you more attractive to people.

5. People notice when you walk into a room

signs you are an attractive guy

Another way to know whether you are attractive or not is people’s reaction when you walk into a room.

For most people, when they walk into a room, the reaction of people is more or less nothing.

However, when an attractive guy walks into a room, people turn their heads; girls draw their breath, and other men look at him in envy.

You may seem oblivious to the attention, but usually, you draw that sort of reaction.

If you notice this sort of reaction, it confirms that you are an attractive guy.

6. You are memorable

signs you are an attractive guy

You may have heard of people who have commonplace facial features and how they are easily forgettable.

“Wait, I didn’t recognize you!”

Several of us get this kind of reaction from people we meet and interact with.

It may be a little disheartening, but we get used to it at some point.

However, really attractive men don’t suffer from this reaction.

How many times have you been forgotten by someone you met?


That’s because you have truly memorable features and are attractive enough to hold anyone’s attention.

7. Ladies often ask why you are still single

It is usual for people to expect that all attractive guys should be in a relationship.

After all, many ladies are moved by physical attraction.

So, whenever you say you are single, you get so many disbelieving looks and many questions asking why you are still single.

These questions mainly come from ladies, and while you may think of them as a mere curiosity, it is actually a sign of interest.

It also means that they can’t understand how someone so attractive is still single.

8. You rarely get rejected

signs you are an attractive guy

When I was younger, I was so afraid of rejection that I avoided speaking too much to girls I liked.

Because of that, I experienced no rejections.

So many guys are like this; if you are, this point wouldn’t count for much.

But one of the signs you’re an attractive guy is that you rarely get rejected, and even when you do, you don’t care that much because you know you have other options.

Final Words

So many people wonder about what it means to truly be attractive.

Do you need to be tall or short? Slim or fat? Muscular?

Or is it defined by something deeper?

All these are questions that exist about what attributes should be termed “attractive.”

The truth is that society defines what we think is attractive, especially when we talk about physical attraction.

However, it is more important that you also work on developing values that are even more attractive because physical good looks may fade away, but values will always remain.

There is something beyond being physically attractive, and I hope you aspire towards it.


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