10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Feelings For You

Every doorway has a way out, and the same goes for relationships.

Just like you can enter a place through one door and exit through another, people who once fell in love can find themselves falling out of love.

Sometimes, even after all those promises of a happily-ever-after, your boyfriend’s feelings can change towards you.

If you are confused by your boyfriend’s recent behavior and are searching for signs that he might be losing those loving feelings, you have come to the right spot.

Let’s check out the signs your boyfriend might be drifting away from love…

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Feelings For You

1. He feels irritated by the things you do

Signs your boyfriend has lost interest in you

It is a normal thing to have those little annoyances.

Your boyfriend has them before, even you.

But when your boyfriend starts getting moody and grumpy over stuff that never used to bother him, or it seems everything you do is not right, you have a warning sign there.

He’s snapping over trivial things or just gets irritated all the time.

It seems he’s got a short fuse, and it is a sign that he’s not feeling the same way about the relationship.

Those sudden mood swings are telling you something. 

When a man starts to lose feeling for their partner, it will become noticeable in how he acts. 

He won’t be as sweet, romantic and caring as before. 


2. Absence of talks about the future


Do you remember those exciting plans you’ve shared?

Like where you will live, what trips you will take, or even the number of children you might have.

If your boyfriend suddenly keeps silent when those topics come up, it could mean he’s hit the mute button on your relationship.

It’s not that he can’t see where it’s going.

It could be that he’s losing feelings, and he’s not sure he wants to be a part of that future anymore.

Your relationship was on a voyage, and suddenly, he’s not interested in discussing the destination anymore.

That guy might be thinking about a different route or even getting off the highway of your relationship.



3. He doesn’t respond to texts or calls like he used to

Signs your boyfriend has lost interest in you


It’s natural for couples who have been together for a while to start talking less often. 

But if he suddenly stops responding altogether or takes days before giving an answer, it might be time to worry.

A lack of communication is usually a sign that something’s wrong.

It could mean that he’s not interested in what you have to say or that he’s not enjoying your conversations anymore.

It could also be a sign of him losing interest in the relationship and wanting to distance himself from it.

Before, he used to be one call away and he would respond to save the day.

Your boyfriend used to text you sweet things out of the blue or call just to hear your voice.

But if those texts have become as rare as an apple tree in a desert or if he’s suddenly too busy to talk, that’s a red flag there.

You are sending out signals, and he’s in airplane mode.

When he’s losing feelings, he might not feel the need to check in or chat with you like before.

Even if you call or text, he won’t respond in time.

If you’ve noticed a drop in communication, something is up.


4. He is avoiding physical intimacy

Your boyfriend used to be all over you, but now it’s as if he never wants to touch or cuddle.

The lack of physical contact can be a sign that he is losing interest in the relationship and his feelings for you.

It could also mean that your partner is no longer attracted to you or does not find you desirable anymore.

Physical intimacy is one of the top things that adds sugar to relationships.

It’s those hugs, kisses, and all the other intimate stuff that makes you feel close.

But when your boyfriend’s feelings start to fade, you might notice a change in these things.

Maybe he’s less interested in being affectionate, or even worse; the passion has cooled off.



5. All you share is physical intimacy, nothing more


Physical intimacy is a significant part of any romantic relationship, but it’s just a part, not the whole.

You know that, right?

If your boyfriend is suddenly no longer interested in talking about his thoughts and feelings, it may be a sign that he has grown distant.

He may also be withdrawing from other activities you used to enjoy together, like going out to eat or seeing movies. 

When this happens, it can feel as though the relationship is dying a slow death and the only thing that is left are the physical moments.

When all you seem to share with your boyfriend is physical closeness without deeper emotional connections.

If you’re not connecting on an emotional level, sharing your thoughts, life, and everyday experiences, that’s a sign that the relationship is hanging on physical attraction, the emotional bond has weakened.


6. You are having too many arguments


When arguments become frequent and start to escalate, it may be a sign that you are disconnected from one another.

You could be disagreeing about small things because the underlying issues that need to be addressed have been neglected for too long.

If your boyfriend is unwilling or unable to talk about the deeper issues in order to resolve them, it may signal the end of the relationship. 

Also, if you are not actively listening to one another and trying to resolve your issues, it’s a sign that the connection has been lost. 

If you can’t find common ground and develop healthier communication habits, it’s time to move on from this relationship. 

Having too many arguments is also a sign that your relationship is going through a rough patch.

When your relationship is in continuous argument mode, it can mean that issues are brewing beneath the surface.

If you find yourselves arguing more often and it feels like there’s no end in sight, it’s a sign that someone might be getting fed up with the relationship.

And since it’s not you, then your guess is as good as mine.


7. There is no argument at all

Signs your boyfriend has lost interest in you

Now, this is an interesting one because it’s counterintuitive to the previous reason.

But, see, we all know silence can speak volumes.

When there’s no arguing, it might seem like a peaceful thing, right?

But in the context of a relationship, it’s not a good sign.

It is the calm before the storm.

Or, in this case, before the relationship hits a rough patch.

Come hear this: arguing is a way of showing you care.

When you’re invested, you’re willing to fight for the relationship, work things out, and find common ground.

But when there’s no arguing at all, it could mean that your boyfriend has checked out emotionally.

He might not even see the point in discussing issues or resolving conflicts, which isn’t a good sign.

If you notice there’s no arguing at all, it’s dangerous!


8. He doesn’t ask questions about your life or anything

If your partner used to ask regular questions about your life, but has stopped, this could be a sign that he’s no longer interested in you or the relationship. 

When a person stops asking questions and getting to know their partner better, it’s usually a surefire sign they’ve checked out emotionally.

It may also mean that he’s no longer interested in investing time and energy into the relationship, which is never a good thing.

But if your boyfriend isn’t showing that curiosity anymore, a book is missing its pages.

When he stops asking questions about your life or just seems disinterested in what’s happening with you, it’s a sign that he might not be as invested as before.


9. He connects more with other females

Signs your boyfriend has lost interest in you

You’d expect your boyfriend to focus his emotional connections on you.

But he’s redirecting his emotional energy.

He has started investing more time and effort into connecting with other females.

Whether it’s spending excessive time chatting with female friends or getting too close to a specific person, it is a sign that he’s shifting his emotional attachment away from you.

He is building bridges with others while leaving your connection behind.

If he’s spending too much time with another woman, it might indicate that the relationship is in trouble.

When you notice this happening, that guy is going.


10. If he tells you that you deserve better than him, that he doesn’t want to be your weakness

Signs your boyfriend has lost interest in you

One of those tricks.

He is cooking early in the morning, something he hasn’t done before, and he starts singing, “I just want the best for you, girl…”


That guy is preparing “breakfast” for you.

He just doesn’t want to break things fast.

When your boyfriend starts saying things like “You deserve better than me,” it’s a blinding fluorescent sign that he might be losing feelings for you, and all that singing is an outro.

It’s a self-imposed exit sign in the relationship.

This statement can be his way of expressing his disinterest in fulfilling the expectations of the relationship.

He’s trying to prepare you for the possibility of him pulling away or breaking up.



If you’ve seen most of these signs in your boyfriend, there’s no denying that something’s going on.

These signs often show up when a guy’s not as interested in a relationship anymore.

If you still care about your relationship and want to make things work, don’t hesitate to discuss it with him.

Try to find ways to resolve the issues you’re facing.

But let me give you this crucial piece of advice: never beg for someone’s love.

It won’t do you any good.

Love should be freely received and freely given, not forced.

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