6 Signs Your Husband Is Bullying You

What are the signs that your husband is bullying you?

Have you ever wondered?

Marriage is beautiful in healthy circumstances only.

In an unhealthy relationship, you watch yourself fly away on the wings of time.

Sadly, what you once believed would turn into a nightmare before your very eyes.

And by allowing yourself to feel everything, you can really begin to die, slowly.

This feeling of slow death could come from losing touch with yourself, doubting every decision you have ever made about love, losing your self-esteem, or wondering how you got there in the first place.

An unhealthy relationship can break your heart and make the most cheerful person turn cold.

The weird thing is that some people suffer bullying in their marriages and do not know.

Our society may have cultured us to believe that bullying happens between kids and involves naughty children being rude and putting up unfriendly attitudes toward their peers.

However, bullying in marriage is real, and there are instances where one partner may engage in behaviors that can be harmful.

Read on as we discuss the painful but truthful actions that may prove that your relationship is toxic and your husband is bullying you;

1. He Gaslights You

Signs Your Husband Is Bullying You

Your husband gaslighting you will be that he tries to make you doubt your thoughts and feelings by manipulating or lying to you.

He makes you question your sense of thinking by making you feel confused and unsure of yourself.

This involves him turning around situations or things, especially when something bad happens or during an argument.

He mistakenly broke the flower vase and said it’s your fault because you probably didn’t place it after cleaning the table– even when you are sure you did.

He does something hurtful to you and tries to make you see your fault in the situation to excuse or belittle the level of his wrong actions.

He regularly avoids apologizing to you when he hurts you or apologizes reluctantly.

He may guilt trip you or intimidate you to get his way or to make you feel responsible for his emotions and actions.

He gives responses like “But you made me do it,” “It’s your fault I did this,” and “If you hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have done this to annoy you.”

At this point, it makes you rethink what happened, and you may even begin to belittle his faults and see your flaws instead, even if you did nothing wrong.

He is good at turning things around, and that’s what bullies do.

2. He Constantly Criticizes You

Signs Your Husband Is Bullying You

Bullying in marriage can involve a kind of criticism where one partner regularly belittles the other or makes them feel less than themselves.

It doesn’t matter how confident you are or how much you believe in your abilities.

If someone you love regularly talks down on you, you will gradually crawl into a shell.

An extrovert can become introverted due to criticism, especially from one they hold dear.

So when you notice that your husband gives you no benefit of the doubt and does this verbally– humiliating you by saying things that are against your self-respect or hurting your self-esteem, it is a sign that he is bullying you.

You may also notice how he keeps track of your shortcomings, always saying it to your ears and bringing it into conversations either jokingly or directly.

This behavior tears people down in marriage; if your husband does this, it suggests he is a bully.

3. He Publicly And Privately Disrespects You

Signs your husband is bullying you

A healthy relationship gives both partners a beautiful environment to improve, but things are different for a woman in a relationship where her husband bullies her.

This is because your self-respect and the way people see you might change.

Because you will notice he not only disrespects you at home but even around friends, families, and strangers.

Speaking arrogantly to you and yelling, too.

He might be unfaithful to you in marriage, wounding your trust without caring about how you feel emotionally.

This unfaithfulness might be visible to others, and he still won’t care.

He mistreats you and gives people no reason to treat you any differently.

This is a sign that your husband is bullying you.

4. He Controls You And Gives No Room To Share Your Opinions

Signs Your Husband Is Bullying You

Another sign of bullying is when your husband displays controlling behavior.

This is very different from him trying to help or direct you in something you are or want to do.

In this case, he tells you what to do and how, regardless of how you feel or think about it.

What you say doesn’t matter.

He constantly overlooks your opinions and tries to speak for you all the time.

Not just decisions that concern you both but decisions that affect you personally.

He is constantly inspecting and monitoring your activities.

He dictates what you should do with your time or make decisions without considering your input, and you can’t do the same for him.

Marriage should be a union where the two couples share and live together in love, so it may be a sign of bullying whenever one acts as if they have control over the other.

So when your husband does things like concluding matters or interrupting to give a final say all the time without agreeing with you, it suggests that he is a bully

5. He Is Aggressive To You

All aspects of love should be expressed lovingly and kindly whether you guys are on good terms.

Communicating, bedroom activities, meeting each other’s needs, and all that marriage companionship entails should not be done aggressively.

However, a sign that your husband bullies you may be seen in how he expresses himself to you, physically or sexually.

A husband who bullies his wife would call her names, yell, and use hurtful language.

When a husband uses hurtful words or is aggressive in bed, especially when it’s not something you appreciate, it is a sign that he is bullying you.

He doesn’t consider your sexual preferences or care to know if he satisfies you sexually, and caring only about his pleasure might suggest this, too.

You may also find a bullying husband physically abusing his wife by hitting or beating her up.

Nothing can be used to excuse actions like this. It is a sign that he is a bully.

6. He Prevents You From Getting Close To Loved Ones

Signs Your Husband Is Bullying You

One common thing about bullying between children and adults is separateness.

Bullies always try to keep their victims away from people who could help, especially their loved ones.

They do this by talking down on those people, making you think they are not good people who can’t help or that keeping them at a distance is better.

A kid who is a bully will laugh at the victim and say things like “Mummy’s boy,” “Don’t spend time with them, spend time with me,” “Only little kids tell,” and “You are going to your mummy again, huh! Mummy’s girl.”

A husband who bullies his wife will do just the same thing.

He may not only say things that will discourage you from visiting a loved one, but he may ensure he prevents you from doing so.

And you may also find him preventing you from making friends or socializing with people.

Final Thoughts

Can the signs of a bullying husband go beyond this? 

Maybe it can, but these are just a few signs I believe may suggest that your husband bullies you.

Finally, to describe a healthy marriage, words like peace, happiness, satisfaction, love, kindness, respect, and more are mentioned because marriage is a love dome.

The wife feels secure and confident in her husband and vice versa.

Though they may have fights and arguments, it is still considered healthy if these disagreements do not carry signs that relate to bullying.

If your husband discourages or prevents you from spending time with loved ones and ignores your opinions, those are bullying red flags.

Also, if he is disrespectful and aggressive to you, exercises too much control over you, or manipulates or gaslights you, it could be a sign of bullying, and you should seek help.

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