13 Unpleasant Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

Have you been noticing signs your husband is disgusted by you?

Every woman desires to be loved and admired by her man.

She craves to be the center of his affection, the one who holds his heart, the one he thinks of when the sun rises and when the moon gives way to the dawn. 

But when the bone of her bone withdraws his affection, she feels heartbroken.

Marriage can be a bed of roses, but it has its thorns too.

Yet, you don’t expect those romantic feelings to evolve into disgust.

If you sense a waning connection between you and your spouse, know that something is off.

If this persists, you probably see one of the signs your husband is disgusted by you.

While this is a devastating thought, you need to confirm your husband doesn’t think well of you.

Below are some irrefutable signs your husband is disgusted with you.

13 Unpleasant Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

1. He avoids touching you.

Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

A man in love with his woman will love to touch her and be physically intimate with her.

So, one of the major signs your husband is disgusted with you is when he avoids touching you.

All of a sudden, he’s allergic to you.

The body he once caressed and cuddled has become repulsive to him.

Worse, it seems questioning him makes him more eager to escape the conversation.


2. He shows declining interest in the growth of your relationship.

Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

Here is one of the most prominent signs your husband is disgusted by you.

He shows apathy to the relationship you two share.

He refuses to spend quality time with you; he’s too busy to go on a date with you or help you around the house.

Work or friends fill his world.

When you point this out, he insists you’re a nagging wife.

For him, deepening the connection you two share is not a priority.

So you feel lonely even though you are married.


3. He plays the blame game with you.

Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

If your husband takes out your marital problems on you, it shows his disgust toward you.

In fact, you may have a narcissistic husband because he seeks to blame you for all his faults.

He pins his anger and frustration on you, making it seem like you are the one at fault in a situation.

When you try to talk about your issues, he blames you for creating problems and twists things around so that he can be right all the time.

This makes you start doubting yourself and questioning your sanity.


4. You suspect he is cheating on you.

If there’s decreasing sexual intimacy between you both, chances are your husband is getting the hots for someone else.

He may even be getting his intimate needs met somewhere else, and you’re the last one to know.

Because if he’s disgusted by you, he’s likely pouring his affection on someone else.


5. He is secretive

One factor that enhances marriage is consistent communication.

If discussions that enhance bonding, fun, and intimacy decrease, your husband may be too disgusted with you to have them.

When conversations cease, the marriage ship is about to be shipwrecked.

Generally, men are raised to be more logical than emotional.

Yet, a man in love opens up to his woman about his inner world. So, if your husband faces challenges without telling you, never tells you how he feels, and finds it easier to confide in others, there’s a problem.


6. He criticizes and condemns

It’s okay to point out your partner’s mistakes to correct and build them; more so, it’s essential to do it with kindness and warmth.

When your husband constantly criticizes you in private and public, he’s showing his disgust at you.

It’s like he is pointing out your flaws because he no longer feels attracted to you.


7. There are constant fights

Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

Fights are normal in marriages, but when they keep recurring without resolution, that’s a problem.

But if your husband is disgusted by you, he’ll struggle to have peaceful conversations with you.

Because he’ll use every opportunity to lash out at you.

There is constant tension in the air to the point you start to fear crossing paths with him.

An environment filled with constant fights is draining.

In short, a husband who is disgusted by you will make the marriage toxic for you!


8. He constantly forgets important dates

Sometimes, we fail to recall special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Yet that shouldn’t be a frequent thing.

If your husband was the type to note these events, not doing so may have triggered your concern.

If this repeats itself even when you call it out, yet he shows he doesn’t care, something is definitely not right with him.

9. He is abusive and violent

Your marriage is unhealthy if your husband keeps exercising emotional, verbal, physical, and financial abuse.

These are some of the most obvious signs that your husband is disgusted by you because abusing you is his way of expressing his dislike toward you.


10. He ignores you

Signs Your Husband is Disgusted by You

Are you being stonewalled in your marriage?

Does your husband act like you don’t exist or refuse to acknowledge your presence?

Stonewalling is the act of refusing to talk, be involved in any kind of conversation, and actively withholding emotional support when you need it the most.

It may be your husband expressing his disgust at you.


11. He deliberately annoys you.

This is petty, but it happens.

Since we’re imperfect, we tend to do or say things that offend our partners.

Still, if you observe your husband repeatedly doing the things that trigger your annoyance, he might be disgusted by you.

Even when he’s well aware that his actions are causing you distress, he continues doing them because it’s his way of showing disapproval.

He might be trying to make a statement and prove his superiority.


12. He talks down to you.

No one deserves to be talked down to, especially not in a relationship.

If your husband is patronizing and belittling you, he obviously has no respect for you or your opinions.

When someone disgusts you, you’ve definitely lost respect for them.

If your husband talks down to you, it’s a sign that he might be disgusted with you.

Because the Bible says, ”Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,”

So his words might reflect how he feels about you deep down.


13. He makes plans without you.

Have you ever discovered someone close to you made a big decision from an outsider?

How did you feel?

Shocked, sad, right?

Imagine finding out the plans your husband executed without your knowledge.

If he continues to exclude you from his goals, decisions, plans, and dreams, it’s a sign he doesn’t value your opinion or input.

He may see you as an option in his life, not someone who is integral to the path he’s taking.

What kind of a man treats his wife like an accessory?

Possibly the one who is disgusted by her.


This list isn’t all there is to the signs your husband is disgusted by you because people are different, and we react differently in different situations.

But if your husband is exhibiting any of these behaviors, it’s not good.

Experiencing these signs from the man who should love you unconditionally is confusing and hurtful and can ruin your self-esteem if you are not careful.

You need to communicate with him and let him know how his actions make you feel.

If he really cares about your marriage and wants to save it, he’ll cooperate with you to make things better between you.

Until then, take care of yourself and remember that your worth is not determined by how someone else treats you.

You deserve to be respected and loved in a healthy relationship.

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