7 Suspicious Signs Your Partner is Falling For Someone Else

Love isn’t a bed of roses, you know, it’s beautiful, but just like the sea, it has a dark depth and is not perfect. 

Nobody wants to lose someone they love, not to death, distance, or another person. 

At least we can share anything else with friends and family, even strangers, but no one would share their lover. 

It’s hard to recognize when your partner is falling for someone else.

There are many signs that can indicate if they’re getting close to another person, even if you don’t want to believe it.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to know what to look out for and understand the reasons why your partner might be attracted to someone else.

The fact is, you are worth more than being an option.

Sometimes, you might notice your partner becoming more distant or secretive. 

They might not want to spend as much time with you or seem less interested in your relationship. 

Their words and unsaid words send a signal that their attention is elsewhere. 

Although these signs do not automatically mean they are falling for someone else, it is okay to be concerned and search for answers to satisfy your concerns. 

7 Suspicious Signs Your Partner is Falling For Someone Else

1. They Refer to Or Talks About The Person Often

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

One sign that your partner is falling for someone else is that you find them referring to that person often during conversations.  

They might bring up stories or anecdotes about their time together, making it clear that the two have some kind of connection. 

This is a sign that they are interested in the other person and may be developing feelings for them. 

This could result from their frequent conversation with that person and how much that person has occupied their thoughts.

A scenario is that you both are talking about how great the burger you ate tasted, and they would suddenly mention how so and so somebody feels it’s great too, or that person’s remark on a Burger they got elsewhere. 

They somehow get involved in your conversations often, even when not necessary. 

And when you point this out, your partner becomes defensive on this topic and may even get a little touchy.

This could mean that they are trying to hide their feelings and don’t want you to know about them. 

If your partner starts getting angry or evasive when talking about this person, it might be time to take notice and further investigate what is happening. 


2. They Suddenly Want To Look Good Before Going Out

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

This is most obvious in situations where your partner does not care about their looks on a normal day, and you’ve known them for them. 

Yet all of a sudden, without your motivation or advice, they put in effort to look good.  

This is a sign that they could be wanting to impress someone other than you. 

They may take extra care with their appearance, styling their hair differently or wearing different clothes when they plan to meet this person. 

Pay attention if your partner starts taking more time before going out – it might mean they want to look good for someone in particular and not just for you. 

Be sure to confront them and further investigate what is going on.

This could be an indication of cheating behavior that must be addressed immediately. 

Do not let this go unchecked if you suspect something may be wrong – the truth must come out so that you can take appropriate action if necessary. 


3. They Begin To Experience A Lack Of Satisfaction From You

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

In previous times, despite the fact you are not perfect and you make mistakes, your partner has always lived with it, acknowledging your imperfections. 

But now you notice how your partner gets irritated easily and complains more, even over things that have always been unique to you. 

He or she just became so unsatisfied with what you do that it feels they now have a particular image they want you to live up to.  

It’s important not to jump to conclusions too quickly, but if this kind of behavior begins happening without any explanation, it should raise some red flags. 

He complains about how full your hair is, she complains about how uncomfortable she feels when you go out with her wearing shorts, and lack of satisfaction echoes in all of their responses. 

It’s a sign they may be falling for someone else, which makes them more unappreciative of you because the new girl or guy does all these things they believe you don’t do. 


4. You Will Notice They Are Eager To Engage With Someone Else

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

From someone who does not really like spending time on social media or enjoying being present to someone who spends so much time on their phone and social media. 

They become eager to come online after a long day. 

They are more conscious of how long they have been offline as if they expect an important email or message from someone. 

When a partner is eager to engage with someone on the internet, which is contrary to his known character, it may be a sign that he/she is falling for someone else and can’t wait to talk to them.


5. He Begins To Like New Things 

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

Based on the feelings that they are forming for this new person who they are falling in love with, you may notice that their taste for things begins to change. 

They never liked K-drama, yet suddenly, they became interested in it. 

They want to try a new haircut and try out new food. 

All these may be signs because such actions and desires may be influenced by their conversations with that person. 

And how ignorantly they are getting drawn closer due to the kind of time and openness with them. 

It’s obvious their feelings for that person have made the individual’s likes rub off on them, so their desires lately would become strange. 



6. They Spend More Time Outside 

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

When partners begin to spend more time at work, you also notice a sudden attitude of arriving home late and spending more time outside with reduced eagerness to come home.  

It’s a sign that the person is trying to avoid being confronted or asked certain questions by their partner. 

You might also find them staying longer after work, saying they are catching up with friends or colleagues, or even suddenly going out for a walk on the weekend when they never used to go out before. 

It could mean that the person is looking for an escape from the relationship, trying to find solace in a different environment or in someone else. 

When such behavior is noticed, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart talk and understand what’s going on in their mind. 

He/she may be falling for someone else. 

He/she wants to spend more time with friends, and unlike before, you are not invited to join as often as you used to.  



7. They Become More Emotionally And Physically Unavailable

Signs your partner is falling for someone else

Now this aspect is the most hurtful.

When someone you love suddenly begins to avoid intimacy or emotional connection with you. 

Like deep conversations, spending quality time together talking about everything that used to be a routine slowly stops or becomes more mechanical than natural; sometimes, it feels like you are forcing it. 

This is a sign that your partner is falling for someone else. 

They usually have nothing to talk about when you are together.

They won’t strike or encourage conversations like before. 

Well, that’s because they probably have dismissed everything with that person, shared how their day went, and enjoyed the connection.

So there’s nothing left to do with you— you may need their companionship, but they don’t need yours now. 

They become less emotionally and physically present, keeping things from you because, of course, telling you truthfully how their day went will include sharing the satisfactory moments they had with that person. 

So they withhold certain information and communicate less with you. 



Having a partner do all these things and yet leave you in the dark to figure out situations yourself can be hurtful. 

It’s reasonable for them to tell you they love someone else, end the relationship, and give you room to move on. 

Let’s not conclude our partners are falling for someone else judging from these signs alone.

People are different, as well as the circumstances surrounding your relationship, so your relationship with them and their friendship with the other person have a role to play too. 

I will advise you to tell your partner about the recent changes in their attitude and work with them to make whatever decisions will correct or define things.

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