8 Signs Your Partner is Taking You for Granted

Love is a beautiful thing.

After all, as social beings that we are, we all want to love and be loved in return.

But love can become a nightmare when your partner starts to take you for granted.

You are sure to feel emotionally drained and unappreciated.

What if you don’t know if your partner is taking you for granted?

You need to be able to recognize the signs that your partner may be taking you for granted so that you can address the issue before it becomes too big.

Here are warning signs that your partner might be taking you for granted.

8 Signs Your Partner Is Taking You for Granted

1. They Don’t Acknowledge What You Do For Them

signs your partner is taking you for granted

It’s a commonsensical thing to do to show appreciation for the things your partner does for you.

If your partner doesn’t say thank you or acknowledge when you do something for them, whether it’s cooking dinner, running errands, buying them gifts, or anything at all to show your love and affection, then it’s a sign that they are taking you for granted.

Perhaps they feel entitled to whatever you do for them, or they are just too busy and forget to show appreciation.

But it’s usually the first reason, and you can confirm this through their actions or attitude when you stop doing these things for them.

That is when you’ll realize that they were taking you for granted because they sure enjoy all the things you’ve been doing, but they didn’t acknowledge or appreciate you for them.

2. They Only Reach Out to You When They Want Something

signs your partner is taking you for granted

This is a classic sign that your partner is taking you for granted.

When your partner only talks to you when they need something or want something from you, it’s a sign that they don’t exactly care for you.

They only care about what you can do for them and not what you can get from the relationship.

This is especially true if the conversation quickly ends after they’ve gotten what they wanted.


Then you start to wonder if that’s all you are good for: meeting their needs and nothing more.

3. They Don’t Put in Any Effort

They say someone’s effort is a reflection of how much they value you and their interest in you, and this is very true in relationships.

If your partner isn’t making any effort to make your relationship work or even to just show that they care, it’s a sign that they are taking you and the relationship for granted.

Relationships don’t work by themselves; they require effort from both partners to ensure that the relationship thrives and grows.

So, not making an effort shows they don’t care what becomes of you or the relationship.

What you don’t make an effort at, you are definitely taking for granted.

4. They Don’t Make Time for You

signs your partner is taking you for granted

Time is one of the most valuable things we have, and it’s a sign that your partner doesn’t care when they don’t make time to spend with you.

It’s understandable if their work or other commitments are taking up most of their day; I mean, we live in a busy world.

But if they don’t make an effort to spend time with you, even if it’s via text or calls, that’s a sign they are taking you for granted.

Because if they have time for other things but not you, then they don’t care about the relationship as much as they should.

5. Unfulfilled Promises

Does your partner often make promises such as “I will call/text more often” or “I will try harder,” only to have them go unfulfilled?

Then they are taking you for granted!

I get it.

We are humans, and we make mistakes, and sometimes, promises can be difficult to keep.

But if your partner makes a promise or commitment to you and they consistently fail to keep up with it, then it’s a sign that they are taking you for granted and not respecting the relationship.

They obviously don’t think of your relationship as important enough to put in effort, or they don’t value your feelings.

6. They Don’t Listen to You

Intentional listening is a key factor in a healthy relationship.

It shows respect, care, and consideration for your partner.

But what if you always find yourself repeating your words, or it feels like everything you say goes in one ear and out the other?

When your thoughts, feelings, and ideas are constantly ignored or dismissed.

It may feel as if you are talking to a brick wall, with your words holding little significance.

You might express your concerns, share your dreams, or discuss your day, but it seems as though your partner is more interested in the television or their phone.

That’s your cue that you are being taken for granted.

If your words don’t matter, then you don’t matter.

It’s as simple as that!

7. They Make Decisions Without Seeking Your Opinion

Of course, you don’t expect your partner to seek your opinion on every decision they make, but have you ever been side-stepped in decision-making about things that affect both of you?

Your partner just up and decides on a major issue without as much as a word to you; it’s a sign that they don’t think your opinion matters.

They are taking you for granted and making decisions for both of you without considering what you might want or need.

Maybe it’s about a new car, taking up a new job, a weekend getaway, or even something as serious as moving to a new city.

This disregard for your input is a major red flag, showing that they’re taking you for granted.

Decisions, especially major ones, in a relationship should be a two-way street, shouldn’t they?

Love is about partnership; it’s about two people navigating life together, making choices that best serve them both.

When this balance tilts and your partner starts making all the decisions without considering your thoughts or feelings, it’s a problem.

8. They Never Apologize

signs your partner is taking you for granted

When you hurt someone, the sensible thing to do is to apologize.

In a relationship, and even marriage, conflicts are bound to happen, but we forgive and accept apologies when they are given.

But if your partner never apologizes, even when it’s clear that they’re wrong or have hurt you, then it’s a sign that they are taking you for granted.

You are the only one always apologizing; they might even try to shift the blame towards you just to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

It’s exhausting and disrespectful if you are the only one always taking the blame and apologizing.

Apologies are about acknowledging the impact of our actions and making amends.

And if your partner can’t even do this basic thing, it shows a lack of respect and consideration for your feelings and your worth.


Now that you know the signs that your partner is taking you for granted, it’s time to take action.

Talk openly and honestly with your partner about how their actions make you feel.

Show them this article if need be to help further explain your feelings and what needs to change.

Let them know that they can’t keep mistreating the relationship and expect things to stay the same.

Make it clear that you won’t tolerate being taken for granted any longer.

No one should ever take anyone else’s love for granted; your relationship deserves better than that.

You deserve better than to be taken advantage of in this way, and it’s time to stand up for yourself!

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