9 Love-Stirring Things A Married Man Should Never Stop Doing For His Wife

You might be wondering why I have to write about things a married man should never stop doing for his wife.

It is simply because men tend to get really comfortable with their wives and stop doing some really lovely things they were doing before they became husband and wife.

Also, we are always talking about the dos and don’ts of love.

The dos and don’ts of romantic relationships and how both partners should treat themselves. 

And honestly, blogs and podcasts and offline or online platforms have contributed greatly to the improvement of so many love lives

They have helped those who came knocking searching for their advice and opinions.

Unfortunately, some people stop seeking such help to keep their love life going. 

They also stop practicing the ones they learned before. 

And this writing today is directed at married men.

Why do some men always assume that the battle has been won and then put little effort after they marry? 

While dating, these men were running here and there, visiting this blog and listening to that podcast, sending flowers, and buying gifts.

Some men just stop fanning the embers of their love into flames.

Could it be because they have become too relaxed and no longer see a need to keep the love burning in their home like it was from the start? 

Well, today, I will be sharing my suggestions on what a married man should never stop doing for his wife. 


9 Love-Stirring Things A Married Man Should Never Stop Doing For His Wife


1. Improving Themselves To Improve Their Love

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

Like I said in my introduction, many men stop fanning the embers of the love they share with their wives, and just like coal, their homes turn cold and lose their warmth. 

They stop adding all the spices, and this can be a result of their lack of ideas of what to do and how to do things. 

Men need to keep learning to improve themselves so they can, in turn, improve the expressions of their love to their wives.

You will realize that life changes after marriage. 

A lot of things might have changed, especially if kids are now in the picture. 

So It is possible that the things that catch your wife’s heart or the actions she recognizes as love have changed over time. 

Hence, it is important for you as a married man to keep learning and be flexible in your approaches to maintain an ever-growing love in your marriage.

You see that blog, that podcast, that relationship platform, that marriage or couples talk, go back to them, and don’t stop improving yourself or your understanding of love or your partner. 

2. Believing In Her


Some people are naturally dreamers, while others only envision things due to several things that may be fueling their motivation. 

It could even be their age. 

That’s why you see that young people dream the most. 

As young partners dating, your wife most likely had dreams and things she wanted to do, and you believed in them.

And now you both are married, and it seems that has changed.

Well, I have brought news.

Don’t stop.

Don’t stop believing in her or her dreams because you both are growing older, because she has not achieved them, or because you have reasons to doubt. 

Never stop believing in her because that energy might be all she needs at the moment to make the next big step. 

3. Supporting Her 

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

Wives love having their husbands by their side.

To support them physically and support them emotionally, like comforting them when they cry and being a source of relief when they are anxious. 

They want them to be involved in raising the kids and making decisions together. 

Instead of leaving their own different life while under the same roof, they desire to share life’s journey with their husbands as partners.

A married man should never stop being present to support his wife.

Although I know marriage comes with a lot of financial weight, some men, if not most, handle these bills. 

A married man needs to consider his domestic participation at home as much as he considers his financial participation. 

He should never stop supporting her physically and emotionally. 

4. Asking Her What She Wants

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

It is easy for a married man to assume that his wife can get whatever she wants if she wants to. 

While they wait to ask for her opinion on things, they don’t remember to stop sometimes and ask her what she wants. 

“Baby, what do you think about this?”, “Baby, can you cook this for dinner? That’s what I want”, “Baby, I want to get a new shave.”

What about asking her what she wants sometimes? 

That was something most men did while dating. 

They asked questions like “What do you want?”, “What’s wrong? You don’t look happy”, and “I want to get this. Do you really want it too?”

A married man should not stop doing these things. 

He should keep seeking her opinion and shouldn’t stop listening to her. 

5. Gifting Her

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

As a married man, it is important never to stop speaking your wife’s love language. 

If your wife appreciates flowers and gifts, then don’t stop the surprises. 

Women never outgrow these things, especially when they are the things she loves or gestures she interprets as love. 

Send those roses, and buy those gifts no matter how little. 

6. Flirting With Her

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

Flirting never gets old and should not stop in marriage. 

A married man should never stop flirting with his wife as this creates an atmosphere for her to express her love for him too. 

Just as he did while they were dating, teasing her playfully with humor can be a fun way to flirt. 

Don’t stop sending those flirtatious texts or messages. 

Send your wife those sweet and affectionate texts throughout the day. 

Engage in physical touch.

Hold her hand, hug her, or initiate gentle, affectionate gestures to let her know you’re thinking about her and that she’s on your mind.

This is one thing a married man should not stop doing for his wife. 

He should never stop being romantic. 

7. Taking Her Out To Spend Quality Time With Her

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

A married man should not stop taking his wife out to spend alone time with her. 

Maybe you had the time to do so while dating, but now the thought of leaving the children alone discourages you. 

But you men must realize that your home is only as healthy as the love that you and your wife shares.

Therefore, spending quality time and taking her out, especially for dates, will give room for you both to nurture your bond. 

This is another thing a married man should not stop doing for his wife. 

8. Appreciating Her Body

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

A married man should never stop complimenting his wife on her appearance. 

He should regularly acknowledge how good she looks, pay attention to her wardrobe, and let her know that he admires and appreciates her body. 

Maybe her size and shape might have changed due to the seasons of her life, but a nice word and compliment will go a long way to assure her that your love for her goes beyond her youth. 

Dear married men, please don’t stop appreciating your wife’s body even if the changes are not so good-looking. 


9. Remembering Special dates

Things a married man should never stop doing for his wife

There is a reason why some dates are called special. 

It is because of the memory they hold. 

And while most women hold such dates so dearly, some men naturally forget dates a lot, even the special ones. 

However, it is important for married men to keep remembering special dates. 

Please don’t get married and see them as unnecessary.

If it is important to your wife, it should be to you too. 

Talk about amazing memories and laugh with her. 

No part of your love story turns boring over time, so if it requires you to keep recalling and talking about those incredible memories, keep doing so. 

Don’t stop. 


In conclusion 

The truth is, what makes most men stop doing certain things for their wives is just over-familiarity. 

They lose their sense of humour.

They lose the energy to spice up things.

They even run out of ideas because they stop learning, thinking they have seen all that she is. 

It is so easy to watch a home that was once burning in love turn into an office space.

Yes, couples leaving their lives on many routines without room to spice things up a little is not better than an office space. 

No matter how life gets, if, as a married man, you still desire to maintain love, then there are certain things you should never stop doing for your wife. 

Those things may not be limited to what I have shared here.

It all depends on your marriage style and what your wife appreciates the most.

And remember, these things I have shared here apply to both partners in a marriage.

You have no idea how much your efforts can encourage your wife to do the same. 

So like you used blogs and other platforms to get creative with your life for your wife while dating, take a cue from here and do the needful.

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