7 Mean Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

It is true that being married means being open and honest with your partner, being their advisor, friend, and confidant.

However, it is also important to draw some boundaries in a marriage to avoid negative emotions from taking over the home.

In Old Hebrew, the word for woman is “ishshah,” which means “breath.”

This is significant because it reminds us that the words that a woman speaks are powerful and should not be taken lightly.

Just as one cannot do without breath, so are the words of a woman necessary for her home. 

While society may often disregard the words of women, we cannot deny the important role that communication plays in a woman’s life.

One of those important roles she plays is the words she speaks in her home, especially to her husband. Yet, we come across countless stories of men scarred from the fiery ‘breath’ of the women to whom they are betrothed.

It’s very crucial to know some of the things wives should never say to their husbands in order to avoid repeating such mistakes in our homes. 

7 Mean Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

1. “That’s your problem, deal with it!”:

Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than discovering that your teammate of life has dropped out of the game with you and left you to bear the brunt of the journey alone.

When a wife tells her husband this, she makes him feel alone. She has introduced a feeling of contempt to bother her beloved and indirectly tells him that she is not his friend.

Marriage is a journey to be walked together, which means problems are meant to be shared and dealt with together.

It is only in marriage that a mathematical law is broken of two becoming one.

When this is not upheld, and a woman utters these words, a rift begins to form between them and if not curbed immediately, will lead to a divorce. 


2. “Do whatever you like.”:

Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

A lot of times, this speech is uttered with a passive-aggressive tone, which has a painful subliminal message in it.

When a woman tells her husband to ‘do whatever he likes,’ she has given up on caring for his affairs.

Once again, in marriage, both partners become one.

And this oneness can look like the two individuals falling in love with doing the things they individually love doing.

This also looks like the wife being able to voice out her dislikes so the man can please her better.

When a wife says “do whatever you like” to her husband, she sets him up for future failures to please her.

And this becomes a very slippery slope for both individuals 


3. “You can’t do anything right!”:

Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

This phrase is very destructive and disrespectful in a marriage.

When a wife says this to her husband, it strips him of his dignity as a man and as the head of the family.

No matter what he does or how hard he tries, if she constantly tells him, “You can’t do anything right,” then she has already taken away any motivation for him to make her feel loved or to make her happy.

Men need recognition and respect in order for them to make their wives feel truly appreciated.

If the wife is constantly finding fault with what he does, then it will not only lead to frustration but also resentment on both sides.

There’s a story of a man who went out of his way to plan a weekend getaway for himself and his wife.

He didn’t want her involved in the planning because he wanted to prove to her that he could please her without her help.

He spent a huge amount of money, found a nice hotel on an island, and decided to take her as a surprise.

His intentions were to make her relax because he had seen this woman wear herself out and noticed how unhappy she felt.

Upon getting to this resort, this woman saw the place and got upset because she felt it was not intimate for her.

A rising irritation rose in her belly as kids ran across her in the resort whilst the man (who was clueless) kept grinning and proudly talking of his efforts to put this together.

She looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘You can’t do anything right. Why didn’t you ask me?’.

This man got sad and angry, and immediately, thoughts flooded his mind of times she never appreciated his efforts.

He lashed out at her, and a terrible argument began, and she took the next exit home.

Now, truthfully, he should have asked her.

But what if she first gave a loud appreciation of what he did and refrained from saying, “You can’t do anything right”?

What if she gave him a hug and asked why he did what he did so she could see his heart of love for her?

But she gave him no chance to explain himself and threw harsh words at him, thus reducing him from being a husband and friend to scolding him like a child. 



4. “Mr. so and so does it better for his wife.”:

Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

Highly unlikely will a woman get a result or get her man to do anything for her when she compares him to someone else.

He might do it for a bit due to the comparison, but soon, he will feel defeated and devalued.

Moreover, this only serves to create tension in the relationship rather than bolster love.

The best way to get her man to act is through appreciation and respect, not by implying that someone else does it better.

A wife must avoid comparing her husband to another man as it opens a Pandora’s box of assumptions in his head.

 This will also make him begin to doubt his abilities and do things from a place of degradation. 



5. “My ex always did this for me…”:

Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

This is a dangerous statement and should be avoided when possible. 

It can make the husband feel inadequate and not appreciated for his own unique style, which will lead to further confusion and even resentment. 

He may start to think that he’s unable to meet her expectations or that she still has feelings for her old partner. 

There’s a wave of annoyance and confusion when conversations about the ‘ex’ come up.

It is believed that what happened in the past should stay in the past.

A wife should refrain from talking about the ex as it gives the husband an idea that she’s still hung up on him, and no man wants to compete or have to compete with that reality. 



6. “I want to be left alone.”:

Woman is crouched on the couch talking to man, while he is responding to her with his hands.

As valid as the reasons might be when this is said, a man will feel deflated knowing that his wife doesn’t want him around her.

He desires that she needs him as often as possible, but when she begins to voice the opposite, then something is terribly wrong.

Whilst it is very good for a couple to occasionally have some space from each other, it is not safe for them to be alone. 

Statements like this are a huge red flag that can make your husband feel neglected.

He wants to know that he is important to you and feels loved by you.

You should make sure to carve out time for him, both alone and with family and friends, so that he can have his own space as well as have intimate moments with you.

That way, you wouldn’t need to say this to him or explain the context that you intend it to be.


5. “I don’t think I love you anymore”:

Things A Married Woman Should Never Say To Her Husband

You shouldn’t tell your husband you don’t think you love him anymore. 

This statement is quite heartbreaking, and truthfully, there are a number of reasons one can arrive at this statement.

However, it should be the last thing on one’s mind to say during an argument with one’s spouse.

It should be approached with care and understanding, as it can cause irreparable damage.

Instead of blurting this out when feeling angry, try to communicate your feelings in an open and honest way while being respectful to your partner. 

Also, make sure to remember why you fell in love with him in the first place before making such a statement.

Even if it’s taken back, it has left a wound that will require a long time to heal. 


6. “I don’t care”:

Woman pointing finger at man while he stares at her with an annoyed look

Men are conditioned by society to clam up in their shells and hide their emotions.

When they have a spouse with whom they can be vulnerable, they require a greater deal of attention to be paid to their needs, words, and desires.

Saying “I don’t care” means they shouldn’t tell you about how they are feeling.

And this is a call for disaster because if he is not vulnerable at home, he will be elsewhere. 

It also implies that you don’t care about him and are not interested in what he has to say. 



7. “We need to talk”:

Man looks like he is in anxiety as his wife stares at him from the blurry background

There should be a better way this can be communicated without putting a man on his toes.

A lot of men get scared of this because of the difficult conversation that follows afterward.

While this is not always true, the need to make this statement without getting into the conversation smoothly is a sign that something difficult is coming.

A better approach could be asking, “Can we talk?” or adding an endearment to the line like this; “babe, let’s talk about…/babe, we need to talk about…”.

It reduces the wave of anxiety he might feel when told, “We need to talk.” 



There’s more, and some of them include vulgar insults, backhanded comments about their efforts, and even the common weaponizing of silence in the form of silent treatment can speak volumes.

Once again, a woman must never underestimate the powerful effect her words have on her husband.

When words are spoken, they can’t be taken back.

In cases like this, it is good to always remember that prevention is better than cure. 

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