6 Smart Things To Do To Attract Rich Guys

Who doesn’t want to attract rich guys?

No hands?

Of course, I wasn’t expecting any. Lol.

The fact is, even people who don’t think money should be a determinant of love secretly desire to attract the attention of the rich.

In fact, most people have been conditioned with this desire from childhood.

For instance, almost every little girl wants to marry a Prince, just like the girls in fairy tales.

And one thing the princes in fairytales usually have in abundance apart from their exceptional handsomeness is wealth!

So, many ladies want to attract the attention of rich guys, but unlike in the movies, they find out that reality is much more difficult than they expected.

You may need to go the extra mile to attract a rich guy the extra mile, and even then, it’s not certain that you will get what you want.

Do I paint a bleak picture?

Do you want to give up already?

Don’t! There are certain things you can do to increase your chances of being noticed favorably by a rich guy.

They are not difficult to do but require you to be intentional and dedicated.

If you have been wondering how to attract that rich guy you have a crush on, this article is for you.

Come along as we explore six simple but smart things to do to attract rich guys.

6 Smart Things To Do To Attract Rich Guys

1. Look Good

things to do to attract rich guys

In some ways, rich guys are not so different from other guys, and looking good is the first step to attracting the attention of any guy.

Now, I always tell my female friends that “looking good is actually for your benefit. Your major reason for looking good shouldn’t be because you want to attract a guy”.

As a lady, your reason for looking good or dressing well shouldn’t be because you want to attract a guy.

You should look good because it is the right thing to do, and you value yourself.

The funny thing is, the moment you realize that you need to look good for yourself, it gives you fantastic confidence, making you look even more attractive to rich guys.

To attract a rich guy, it is essential that you “glow up” physically.

You need to invest in your skincare and ensure that you keep fit.

Many rich guys want a lady they can show off in public.

If you can manage to do all these, it is safe to say that you will turn more than one head when you walk past rich guys.

2. Network intentionally

things to do to attract rich guys

Looking good is not good enough if you are not in the same vicinity as your target audience.

This is simply marketing 101.

You need to find a way into rich guys’ circles to attract rich guys.

Rich guys are everywhere.

However, it may be a little difficult to attract the attention of a rich guy on a busy street.

This is why you must find out the spots where they hang out.

You may find it easier to spot and attract rich guys’ attention at nice steak houses, museums, and hotel restaurants.

You could visit the places alone or with a friend to have a quiet lunch often.

This way, you increase your chances of meeting and attracting a rich guy’s attention.

Also, it is important that you attend professional or social events where you can engage in meaningful conversations; who knows who you may meet there?

Sometimes, you may find attracting a rich guy during a professional or social event easier by having serious conversations with people.

This is why you should also have something you do.

Something interesting enough to be a conversation catalyst.

3. Expand your knowledge

things to do to attract rich guys

It’s not just enough to look good; you also need to be able to have intelligent conversations without faltering.

Many times, certain young ladies fall short at this point.

They believe that looking good is enough to snag a rich guy.

If you really want to attract a rich guy, you need to prove that you are more than just a pretty face.

This is what marks you as unique and different from the multitudes of pretty ladies he has seen.

Continuously learning and growing is a sign that you are a purposeful individual with definite goals for your future.

Invest in your education and self-improvement to become a more attractive prospect to a rich guy who values personal development.

4. Be yourself

One thing that will make you stand out to a rich guy is your ability to be yourself without trying to be pretentious.

Rich guys meet many people who pretend to be what they are, not just because they want to be favored.

Remember the legendary movie “Coming To America” and the story of Prince Akeem?

Tired of the societal norm, he traveled to America disguised as an international student to search for a wife.

He didn’t find love in a royal palace but in the arms of Lisa, the daughter of a fast-food restaurant owner. 

Lisa knew nothing about Prince Akeem’s real identity; she genuinely loved him.

It’s a beautiful movie, but beyond the film, this is the desire of many rich guys.

They desire women who are genuinely who they say they are and love them for real.

Right here lies a master key to attracting a rich guy!

When you don’t pretend to be what you are not around rich guys, it makes you even more attractive to them.

Because of this, they will be intrigued and want to spend more time with you.

Rich guys appreciate honesty and authenticity, especially from a beautiful young lady.

5. Be Purposeful

things to do to attract rich guys

Idleness is one characteristic that most rich guys find unattractive in a lady.

Apart from trying to look good, you must be into purposeful work.

Engaging in activities you are passionate about enriches your life and provides opportunities to meet rich guys who share your interests.

Rich guys are often drawn to those who are driven and enthusiastic about their pursuits.

Also, rich guys are mostly always busy.

Because of this, they will prefer a lady with things going on for her and activities to be involved in than a lady whose only job is to look good.

Hence, impress him with your beauty but never neglect to work on other aspects of your life.

6. Be patient

things to do to attract rich guys

You shouldn’t be so desperate about attracting rich guys that you hastily try to force connections with rich guys.

Desperation is a strong turn-off for many rich guys.

By the way, building a connection with a rich guy usually takes time.

You should be patient and focus on building a strong foundation for a meaningful relationship rather than rushing into things.

Patience is a beautiful virtue, and most rich guys recognize this.

Coming from the reality of being every lady’s desire to meet one who is patient and won’t be rushed can be endearing to highly placed guys.

Yes, they love ladies with unique qualities and gravitate naturally towards them,

As people in Warri, the South-South region of Nigeria, love to say, “normal is boring”!


Final Words

Attracting rich guys may be the goal of many females.

However, there are fewer rich guys in the world.

Hence, it is important to realize that some other characteristics and values are more desirable in a man than his financial status.

Realizing this will help you decide what you want in a man and guide you in making a good choice.

However, if you end up snagging that rich guy, you must never forget that physical beauty and the fatness of a man’s pockets are fickle features that can change with time.

They can never hold a candle to lasting values like vision, purpose, patience, and authenticity.

Ultimately, it’s not about finding a rich partner but a purposeful partner, supporting your growth and journey toward a fulfilling life together.



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