The 14 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single

A man can decide to stay single for a plethora of reasons.

Some choose that single life, while some find themselves single.

It could be that the man is afraid of the responsibility of being in a relationship because he is too involved in his career to even consider it.

All the reasons why some men choose to be single can be traced to the kind of man that he is.

If you are wondering what type of guy stays single, especially with the numerous choices of women around, sit tight because we will be exploring all the different men in this category.


The 14 Types Of Guys Who Stay Single:

1. The guy who’s a picky chooser:

types of guys who stay single

Some men can be really idealistic about the kind of woman they desire to have.

They have a list of specifications that she must come with.

And until their ideal woman shows up, they will not give in to pressure to date anything less than what they desire and will stay single for the longest time.

Imagine a man looking for a woman who’s hourglass in shape and perfect in her physical appearance, Einstein in the mind with two master’s degrees and chasing a Ph.D., and Mother Theresa at heart, known for sacrificing all her things to the poor.

Is it possible for him to find such a woman? Most definitely.

Will it be harder and take time? You can bet it will.


2. The guy who is shy:

types of guys who stay single

A lot of men who stay single wallow in this category of not being able to start a conversation with a lady and talk less about keeping the conversation going.

These men mostly have self-esteem issues and don’t think they can speak to a woman, mostly because they fear they will unconsciously say the wrong things.

This shyness can prevent them from meeting a woman and building rapport with them up till the point of being in a relationship.

It is possible for such men to get out of their shells and be able to speak confidently with a woman.

It will take dedication and time, but it will happen eventually.


3. The guy who is a “man-child”:

types of guys who stay single

A man-child is an immature man.

These ones really want a mum and not a girlfriend.

Someone who can attend to all their needs, including sexual, while they bring nothing to the relationship.

A lot of ladies avoid such men and won’t date them once they get them figured out, and that is why they stay single for long.


4. The guy who is still a player:

types of guys who stay single

Some guys prefer to flirt around and play with a woman’s feelings.

They cannot stick to one woman or even get into a serious relationship because they do not take love and commitment to one person as a serious ideal.

So even though they seem to have many ladies at their disposal, they are truly single with no woman to call home.

These ones need to learn a lesson in committing and taking responsibility for their actions.

Otherwise, they will remain single for a long time.



5. The guy who is bitter:

types of guys who stay single

Men who have been hurt in their past relationships, processing a painful heartbreak, or even just being shamed by a woman they had a crush on would avoid the idea of being hitched for a long time.

This pain blurs their vision and takes hold of their decision-making process to be with someone who can be a relationship potential.

They become really bitter towards women, and their feelings or emotions will be negative towards the female gender.


6. The guy who is considered unattractive:

types of guys who stay single

There is an unspoken pressure that is put on men by society to look or appear “manly.”

To have a certain level of facial hair, with ripped muscles bulging through their shirt and their jaw or facial features having a brooding nature.

Some of these men may have certain disabilities, which can change how they look and reduce their chances of having a woman.

Men who do not meet all the beauty standards set by society always fall at the short end of the stick and deal with the consequences of that.

One such consequence is that they cannot attract women around them and end up single for the longest time.



7. The guy who is secretly gay:

types of guys who stay single

Another category of men who choose to stay single are those who do not have an attraction towards the female gender.

These men also have not let close friends around them know that they are gay, so they stay single in order not to expose themselves to people.

These men may have to hide their true identities in order to protect themselves from external judgment and criticism.

In a way, they choose to remain single because of the fear of not being accepted by society.



8. The guy who doesn’t believe in himself:

types of guys who stay single

These men sincerely believe they are not the ones who can win the heart of any girl.

Maybe as a result of some traumatic experience like bullying in high school or even outright rejection at a younger age, they grow up believing that they are at the short end of the stick.

They lack the confidence to approach a woman and often get scared at the thought of it.

This insecurity can lead to them choosing to be single, as they simply don’t have the courage or self-belief needed to pave their way into relationships.

Sadly, this could further deepen their existing insecurities and lead to creating a vicious cycle in which these men are unable to accept themselves and be accepted by society.



9. The guy who is too nice:

types of guys who stay single

Women love to see a man who can display the power of choice.

When he can turn down things that he doesn’t like and say yes to the ones he does, he becomes a lot more attractive.

A man who can voice out what he needs or wants and can spearhead decision-making.

When a guy is too nice and agreeable, he immediately gets into the friend zone.

The friend zone happens when a lady decides that she wants to keep being friends with a guy but not in a relationship with said guy.



10.  The guy who makes no effort:

types of guys who stay single

Some men may desire to be in a relationship with someone but put no effort in being intentional to find the woman whom they can do life with.

Even when she falls into their laps, they put no effort into having her around or increasing her interest in him or the relationship.

This kind of attitude just shows a lack of maturity and respect.

So, at the end of the day, the women leave him, not because he isn’t attractive or a good person but because he isn’t intentional about them.


11. The guys who are afraid of intimacy:

types of guys who stay single

There are men who consider the vulnerability that comes with being intimate in a relationship and are scared of that.

Some actively sabotage love with the ones dear to their heart to reduce the anxiety they feel from losing them.

They are the guys who usually lock themselves in their shells and don’t let anyone in, creating a false sense of control.

But this eventually leads to them being alone as they have pushed away any potential partner.

The fear of intimacy is something that has to be worked on from within so these men can get the love they deserve without sabotaging it.



12. The guy who chooses to be single:

types of guys who stay single

This might come as a surprise, but some men choose to remain single, whether or not they have their reasons, and they won’t change their minds for anyone.

They are happy and content with their relationship status and desire to keep it that way for a long time.

This gives them a sense of freedom and independence that they don’t want to give up.

The challenge for these men is to understand the potential benefits of being in a relationship, as well as managing their own fears and concerns about getting into one.



13. The guy who just wants sex:

types of guys who stay single

These guys are known as the hook-up men.

They just want to have their sexual desires fulfilled and nothing more.

They’ll hit up a club or bar to find someone that they can get physical with but won’t want to commit after it’s over.

These types of men usually don’t want anything serious and will move on quickly if the other person starts getting too attached.

They stay single most of the time because after fulfilling their libido, they lose interest in the commitment.



14. The guy who works too much: 

Types of guys that stay single

A workaholic man who cares about reaching the top of his career goals can put relationship aspirations and even potential women around him as secondary.

These types of men hardly consider a relationship to be as important as their business, career, or professional aspirations.

Typically, they don’t have the time and energy to invest in a relationship, so they remain single most of the time.

Their only focus is on their profession and making themselves successful.

Relationships usually take a back seat for them, and they’ll choose their career over anything else.




The reasons highlighted above are the common ones for why a man chooses to stay single.

However, they are not permanent reasons, and any man can decide to change their mind to either work on themselves to become suitable for a relationship.

They can decide to set boundaries, become more intentional with the women they meet, and even just be more sincere in their dealings with the opposite sex.


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