8 Types Of Men Who Will Never Be Faithful To Their Wives

Just the other day, a woman was complaining about cheating husbands.

She lamented the fact that cheating men couldn’t be discerned by red flags tattooed to their foreheads.

Actually, life would have been simpler if toxic people had some distinct features separating them from other people.

Alas, it is not so.

However, if you are observant, there are always signs that depict a person’s true character, regardless of how well they try to pretend to be someone else.

Back to the woman…

She talked about how her husband used to be a serial playboy until he met her and changed because he was in love with her.

He changed, but she also said there were times that he would relapse and flirt with other women.

After years of marriage, she discovered that he had been cheating on her with more than one woman and she was heartbroken.

Cheating is a terrible betrayal of trust, and while she wasn’t wrong to trust him, the signs were always there.

To ensure that you don’t miss the signs as well, I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of the types of men who will never be faithful to their wives, regardless of what she does.

8 Types Of Men Who Will Never Be Faithful To Their Wives

1. The dishonest type

types of men who will never be faithful to their wives

A lot of the time, when ladies are asked what kind of man they want to get married to, I notice that they list attributes like “tall,” “handsome,” “rich,” and “generous.”

It is very rare to see a lady who thinks honesty is a major thing to consider before deciding to marry.

Dishonesty is a terrible sign in any relationship, romantic or not.

It basically means that you can’t trust the person.

However, dishonesty is a major sign to consider if you are looking for a major sign of a man who will never be faithful to his wife.

When you question a man’s honesty, it already breaks one of the major foundations upon which a successful marriage should be built –trust.

A dishonest boyfriend who lies to you about important stuff like his whereabouts, finances, career, or even the little things like his favorite color or family background cannot be trusted to be faithful to you in a relationship.

You know those lies that you call “white lies”?

They are not excluded.

If your boyfriend is the type that says, “I am almost there,” when he hasn’t even taken his bath, then he is probably one of those guys who will never be faithful to his wife.

He already has a precedent of lying; what’s one more vice (cheating) that he can’t add to the equation?

2. The insecure guy

types of men who will never be faithful to their wives

One mistake we make is that we take being successful as having a high sense of self-esteem.

A man could be rich and successful yet still insecure.

So, your boyfriend may seem confident and successful on the outside.

In fact, he may even seem like every woman’s dream, but you know that he craves validation and attention from other people.

It’s like he thrives on it.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love validation, but when a guy is so dependent on it, it becomes a problem.

If he craves validation and attention all the time to boost his ego and improve his view of himself, the chances are he is the type of man who will never be faithful to his wife.

Why do I say so?

His desperate need for validation and attention may push him into the arms of any lady who seems to be able to offer some form of attention.

3. The sex addict

I am a proponent of the “no sex until marriage” rule.

However, if you and your boyfriend have started having sex, there may be a way you can decide if he will be faithful to you in the future.

Sex is a pleasurable activity, and I understand why people like to engage in it.

Though most of us have moderate sexual urges that may crop up from time to time, some men take sex to a different level.

Some men have such an insatiable appetite for sex that you can almost conclude that it would be impossible for one woman to satisfy his sexual urges.

If he has this crazy sex drive that you absolutely can’t keep up with, it is a sign that he probably won’t be faithful to his wife.

We all know that one of the main reasons husbands cheat on their wives is sexual dissatisfaction.

A man who can’t be satisfied by one woman will most likely look for more women to satisfy him.

Sex is good.

However, too much of a good thing can be really harmful.

Any man with such extreme sexual urges will find it difficult to ever be faithful to his wife.

4. The guy with many close female friends

I once heard a guy say that it is impossible for a guy to be just friends with an attractive female.

His reason was that the guy probably wants more than friendship but doesn’t feel he can get what he wants.

So, he settles for friendship.

While I feel that this may be the case sometimes, I also know that it is possible for males and females to be just friends.

However, friendship between males and females must keep to a particular level of interaction and intimacy.

When it surpasses that level, it may begin to look suspicious.

I used to say my girlfriend having a male best friend is a red flag for me.

It still is.

You can have a male best friend.

However, when you are in a relationship, your best friend is meant to be your partner.

One way to spot a man who will never be faithful to his wife is to check his relationship with women.

If he has so many close female friends, it could be a sign he is comfortable with females and knows what makes them tick.

He forms close emotional bonds with females.

Bonds are so close that you may think he was dating all of them at once.

If your boyfriend is that type of man, he may never be faithful to you if he marries you.

This is because he will continue to have special friendships with attractive females, and whenever you complain about them, he will insist that they are just friends.

True to form, he may not have physical affairs with them, but creating special emotional bonds with other women when you are married can be called “having an emotional affair.”

This is still a form of infidelity, even if it’s a subtler form of cheating.

5. The secretive guy

Everyone has a right to their privacy.

However, in a relationship, you realize that you tend to share more private things with your partner.

It is just a normal practice in relationships.

Hence, a guy who is secretive in a relationship is a red flag.

There are many reasons, but in this article, I will focus more on his ability to remain faithful to his wife.

A man who is secretive is already equipped with one of the most powerful tools in the cheater’s dirty bag of tricks.

If a guy is not willing to share his thoughts, goals, opinions, and details about his day with you, it is a sign that he is not trustworthy.

If he hides to make his calls, treats his phone like it’s an appendage, disappears from your life for days at a stretch, and comes back without a satisfactory explanation, it could be a sign that he isn’t exactly being faithful to you.

If he isn’t cheating on you now, his lack of transparency makes his ability to remain faithful to you very doubtful.

6. The flirtatious guy

types of men who will never be faithful to their wives

I know you are tempted to dismiss his antics as harmless flirtation, but hear me out before doing this.

An extremely flirtatious guy is unattractive for many reasons, foremost of which is that it makes him look confused and ridiculous.

When a guy has a girlfriend and still flirts around, it makes him look like he doesn’t know what he wants.

It is also very disrespectful to his girlfriend.

It may just be harmless flirting at first, but that’s how cheating starts…

From something relatively innocent.

His inability to set clear boundaries in his interactions with other females will most likely jeopardize his commitment to you.

You just can’t expect someone who can’t define his relationships to be faithful to you in a marriage.

You will be setting yourself up for a heartbreak.

7. The independent man

I know it is very rare for you to see the words “independent” and “man” together because it is usually taken for granted that all men are independent.

This is not so true because some men are actually very dependent on others.

On the flip side, there are men who are downright terrified of being dependent on someone else.

It is this type of man I am speaking of.

This type of man struggles with emotional intimacy and vulnerability.

In a bid to keep their fears at bay, they may be emotionally withdrawn in their relationship.

Sometimes, to ensure they remain detached from their wives, they may cheat.

While it is good to maintain your personality and uniqueness in your marriage, you shouldn’t be afraid of being dependent on your partner.

It is called a union for a reason.

8. The narcissist

types of men who will never be faithful to their wives

Narcissists are known for being especially self-centered, and a narcissistic husband’s only concern in the marriage is whatever serves his selfish interests.

This is a terrible red flag.

How do you bring yourself to trust someone whose only principle is his self-interest?

A narcissistic man prioritizes his needs over anyone’s, and this doesn’t change when he is married.

He often disregards your feelings and seeks validation and admiration wherever he can, even if it means being unfaithful to you.

Consider the story of Narcissus and how he sought validation and admiration even in the oddest place.

He looked into a well and saw his reflection.

In his mind, he thought…

“Finally, someone that measures up to me.”

And he jumped into the well to join his reflection.

This is the same way a narcissist has the almost self-destructive inclination to seek validation and admiration even in the arms of other women.

There you have it…

These are the types of men who will never be faithful to their wives.

However, you must note that every individual is unique, and people can change.

Hence, these traits are not definitive.

They can just help you recognize red flags and areas for improvement.

Individuals are responsible for the decisions they make in their relationships, and hence, you can rewrite the course of your relationship by choosing to stay faithful to your wife.

Love is more than an emotion; it is a decision.

Make that decision today!


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