Why Do Men Leave Good Women In A Relationship?

I get it.

By the time I finished my story, you’d probably wonder why I walked away from someone as amazing as Rosemary.

Even my friends and family were giving me the side-eye.

Rosemary was like the dream girlfriend.

Would come around, clean my place, cook up tasty meals, and even do my laundry.

Plus, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, so hot like she swallowed the sun or something.

But, you see, there’s more to it.

Love is great, no doubt.

Rosemary had that in spades.

She was respectful and generous and treated me like a king.

Yet, I needed something more, something that many women might not get.

My sisters had their opinions, but the men in my life got it.

I believe only a man can truly grasp what a man needs in a relationship.

So, when one of my sisters finally asked why I ditched such a good catch, I decided it was time to break it down for her.

Sharing my reasons might just make her think twice about her own marriage.

Here’s what I told her:


Why Do Men Leave Good Women In A Relationship?

1. She doesn’t look after herself

Why do men leave good women in a relationship

Yeah, it might sound easy, but trust me, it is a big deal.

Guys take pride when their ladies take care of themselves; believe this.

Rose looks put together when we are out, but at home, it is a different story.

She doesn’t bother much about looking good indoors; messy hair, sometimes a wig to hide the chaos underneath, and makeup as a quick fix.

I’ve tried telling her, but she brushes it off.

Let me tell you this fact, a woman not looking after herself can be a turn-off.

It’s not just about love.

It’s about how she dresses at home, her hygiene, and even how she smells.

I get it, some women might not shave on time, but it matters.

Rose doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but after a year and a half, I could not take it anymore.

You know how they say ‘a man of vision’?

Well, it’s not just about goals and dreams for the man; it’s about what he sees.

And what I was seeing at home wasn’t cutting it, and it wore me out.


2. We are not sexually compatible

I’m passionate about intimacy.

You know the stereotype that guys love sex.

And let me tell you, that’s no exaggeration.

Just look at the lengths some guys go, spending big bucks for a little sex action.

Now, go back to my situation.


Not exactly on the same page when it comes to physical intimacy.

We’ve been together a year and a half, and I can count our intimate moments on one hand.

Picture me practically pleading for some connection.

It’s like she wonders if sex is my daily bread or something.

In reality, men crave it as much as a good meal.

So, when the woman you’re with isn’t on the same page, it’s tough.

I tried to roll with it, you know?

But it became a countdown for Mary, and I started feeling the weight of it all.

Stress, burden… These things are not my kind of vibe.

And cheating?

Nah, not my kind of style.

So, after struggling with it, I decided to let her go.

Sometimes, you’ve got to let go of a beautiful turn if the destination is not worth it.


3. She is possessive

Why do men leave good women in a relationship

I hit a point where it felt like I was stuck in a cage.

Rosemary got super clingy, and I couldn’t catch my breath.

It was like I didn’t have a life anymore.

She would even want to tag along to work, and I’m all for care, but as a man, I need my space.

Men need time with pals and to get involved with hobbies.

Some women, like Rosemary, turn into human GPS trackers, monitoring every move of their men.

Sure, you are a couple, but you have got separate lives.

It’s great because when you guys reconnect, there’s always loads of gist to chat about.

But when a woman gets possessive, it’s like she doesn’t have her own life.

And independence is key.

A guy bolts if it feels like a woman’s world revolves only around him.

Freedom’s a big deal for us guys.


4. Pressures that come with asking for too much


At first, it was all about the “when are we getting married?” question.

Got me wondering if she was running away from something or had some hidden agenda.

I mean, why the rush?

And then there’s this constant need for attention, calling me for the tiniest thing.

Honestly, guys don’t enjoy some acts that induce pressure from their ladies.

Marriage isn’t a jump-in-with-both-feet kind of deal, and there’s a bunch to think about.

When you push a guy to tie the knot, even if you’re good, your goodness might start raising eyebrows for him.

Men like taking things one step at a time.

Let him call the shots and make his own decisions.

Trying to pull him in or take the reins?

Not the best move.

Ease up on the questions and demands, and most guys find that a total buzzkill.


5. Intellectual differences

Why do men leave good women in a relationship

Men seek more than just physical attractiveness.

 Qualities like intelligence, self-esteem, self-reliance, and a good sense of humor matter even more.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a partner with the spunk to spark you up when you’re running low on energy?

Sure, they say behind every successful man is a strong woman, but what happens when the woman you have is clueless about what to do?

We all need support, and your woman’s support is paramount.

It becomes overwhelming when the woman who has your back lacks intelligence or, worse, doesn’t even crave it.

It hits differently when she tells you that you’re expecting too much.

I reached a breaking point when I bought books for Rose’s self-development, hoping she’d embrace growth.

Instead, she’d rather suggest Netflix over reading.

I wasn’t asking for the moon, I just needed her to be able to support me as much as I supported her.

It’s about finding that balance where both partners contribute to each other’s success.


In summary, what makes a woman “good” depends on the guy’s needs.

It’s like that nursery rhyme about Peas Pudding – some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot nine days old.

But trust me, the reasons I listed apply to about 90% of guys.

Love gets you close to a man, but it’s your character that decides how far the journey goes.

Being a good woman involves a bunch of qualities that outsiders don’t see.

When the guy walks away, people will talk, but he’s after what he wants.

Your qualities might not always be on display, but they matter in the real deal.

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