Why Do Wives Get Tired of Their Husbands? 10 Reasons Why

Being in a situation where your spouse constantly makes you tired can be very draining and frustrating.

It’s not uncommon for the excitement and joy in a marriage to dwindle over time.

Lethargy can creep in slowly and without warning.

In this article, we will explore why wives may become tired of their husbands.

To begin, the answer is yes – it is possible to become exhausted by your partner.

But how do you know if you have become tired of your husband?

Here are a few signs that can reveal if this is happening to you:

  • You lack the willpower to communicate with him
  • You can’t stand him touching you
  • You always shut down his sexual advances
  • You agree to everything he says and refuse to challenge him on any matter
  • You no longer have the zeal to be curious about his whereabouts and interests
  • You daydream a lot to keep you preoccupied with him
  • You feel overwhelmed doing little things for him – things you loved to do in the past.
  • You can’t stand looking at him or hearing him speak

These are just a few ways to know if you’re beginning to feel tired of the man you’re married to.

When you start feeling like this, it means there’s something wrong, which is making you feel that way.

If you’re interested in learning why this happens, keep reading as we delve into the reasons.

Why Do Wives Get Tired of Their Husbands:

1. You feel constantly ignored:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

A lot of men don’t even realize when they unconsciously ignore their wives for one reason or the other.

Instead of talking it out with her, they choose to act like she does not exist.

This drives the wife to get tired of complaining or speaking on some issues with the husband.

The communication deficit can make her feel frustrated and drain all her energy from being willing to communicate effectively in the future.

If you find yourself agreeing to everything he says and not willing to communicate anymore or being silent around the house, it is very possible that this could be a reason.



2. Your sex life took a downturn:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

Women can get sexually frustrated, especially if their husband is not treating them how they desire in the bedroom.

Maybe their husbands are lazy or just have sex with them for selfish reasons.

Whatever the reasons may be, the fact remains that her lack of sexual satisfaction is causing her to become tired of her husband.

It’s also possible the man of the home is refusing to listen or change to make his wife happier in the bedroom, and this stubbornness is making her tired of him.

You can begin to avoid simple physical advances or turn down his sexual advances because you are sure of how it always ends up or how it makes you feel unsatisfied.



3. You don’t experience surprises anymore:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

The spontaneity that spiced up the relationship between the couple is lost.

At this point, there’s no adventure that can make her excited or keep her on her toes.

The wife is bound to get tired of her husband if he becomes predictable with delivery, especially regarding his show of affection towards her.

You miss the adventurous side of your man and how he will intentionally stage gifts and notes around the house to make you excited, he’s become predictable with his conversations, routine and life.

It feels like whatever sucked the fun out of him has come for you too.

The passion in your relationship has died, leaving a void of monotony and dullness.


4. You feel overwhelmed because of him:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

This could be a result of a large number of things.

Either she has gotten tired of a consistent loop of negative events or circumstances due to his behavior, or she just feels overwhelmed by having him around.

For instance, some men don’t help around the house and leave all the responsibilities of taking care of the house to the wife and still expect her to slave at work hours for a meager sum.

Whatever the reason, the exhaustion is spearheaded by the crushing weight of responsibility she bears because of her spouse.

You could feel like you are pushing the boulder of responsibility uphill with no rest in sight.

If this is you, it could be that there’s an imbalance of duties and responsibilities that is making you feel overwhelmed.


5. You believe he’s not growing:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

Marriage is supposed to give room for the couple to evolve and change with each obstacle, season, and phase.

If your husband still possesses the same characteristics he had when you were both courting and refuses to mature with each change that the marriage brings, then you can become weak at the idea of how stubborn and unwilling he is to change.

This can make you feel like he’s not doing his part in the marriage, leaving you carrying more of the burden and feeling as if it’s a hopeless journey.


6. You feel second place:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

A woman is able to sense when her husband no longer prioritizes her anymore.

It could be because of work, friends, career, and so on that have taken your attention away from your home friend, your partner.

Many men can get so carried away with the activities and busyness of their lives that they forget to intentionally treat their wives with the number one priority she’s supposed to have in a marriage.

This can make her feel unloved, unimportant, and neglected.


7. You perceive that your husband is tired, too:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

A lot of times, this feeling of tiredness didn’t begin with her.

It began with her husband acting a certain way, and she sensed it and picked up the same emotional ‘energy’ from him.

Yes, it is possible for a couple to feel the same way because of the bond they share.

She begins to feel tired for no just cause but that her husband is tired or exhausted from something, too.



8. You have unsolved resentments towards your husband:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

If both of them don’t settle an argument or he dismisses her during a conflict regularly, then she can become tired, even up to the point of hating the idea of communicating with him.

She can also become exhausted from the long-lasting effect of this unresolved resentment.

The idea of ‘undo’ing what has been done carries weight, and it requires both parties to make a concerted effort to change their dynamic in order for her to feel reenergized and motivated again.


9. You are not happy with the financial state of your home:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

Nothing changes the home like a brooding financial issue.

It is one of the greatest litmus tests for the strength of a home and the bond between a couple.

If you begin to feel tired about this, it’s possible your husband is not treating it with as much levity as you, or both of you just feel like you’re at a dead end with debts, bills, and responsibilities.

Financial strain can make you feel very uncertain about the future, and it is a painful and energy-draining place to be.


10. You feel betrayed:

why do wives get tired of their husbands

Finding out your husband has a terrible vice or is cheating on you can feel heartbreaking.

This is a man who is supposed to be with you for better or worse.

Instead, he makes you feel alone.

The emotional devastation of finding out your husband has deep secrets from you or finding out he’s unfaithful can crush any wife’s spirit.

A painful situation that rids you of any chance to keep working to make the marriage or home ideal for the family.



Maybe you find yourself in any of the categories above and have begun to worry, please don’t.

First, understand that you are not in this alone.

Merely reading this should encourage you that there are women out there who have been through the same.

You can take steps to bring yourself out of the slump by speaking to a friend whom you trust in their judgment.

You can also reach out to notable marriage counselors or therapists to help you and your husband unpack the emotions and be on the path to solving the problems.

It’s also a good step in the right direction to communicate with your husband and find out if he desires to make the marriage work.

And if he does, have an honest conversation about how you’ve been feeling and why.

Clear the air, make sure to listen to him as he listens to you, and begin to pull actionable steps to doing everything better.

Truly, it’s easier read than done, but whether it takes a lifetime or a couple of weeks to become stable again and bring back the passionate feel into the marriage, I believe posterity will thank you for taking the steps to changing things from grey to rainbow.

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