5 Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask Girls

I had a conversation with one of my male friends some weeks ago. 

And somewhere during our discussion, he mentioned how uncomfortable he was to ask a girl he likes if she likes him too.

I laughed at first because I never saw him as a guy who would be scared to ask such a question.

He was a bold, sarcastic, and loud guy, and maybe I see him that way because he’s my friend. 

Yet there he was in a romantic situation with a girl he liked, and he was afraid to ask her if she loved him too. 

This brought me to the realization that there are certain questions guys are afraid to ask, and even if it doesn’t seem that difficult to us, to them, the words are weighty. 

The weird thing is that, this fear of asking these questions is mostly caused by another fear.

The fear of being seen as weak, getting a negative response, or a reply they cannot handle, even if it’s the truth. 

So, I went on to have further conversations with my other male friends, and It amazed me how I could group the questions guys are afraid to ask girls into five main groups.

5 Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask Girls

Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask Girls

1. Guys Are Afraid To Ask Of A Girl’s Sexual History

Most guys are afraid to ask a girl about her sexual history for many reasons. 

Some have such fear because she might have had a bad history that will influence how they see her henceforth.

Some guy’s reason could be that they are afraid she might have more experience than them, and the feeling of having such information can make them doubt their capacity as a guy to meet her standards. 

A guy may also be afraid to ask because he also has a sexual history he is not proud of or ready to talk about. 

There’s also the fear of asking such a question because he doesn’t want to risk making her feel bad or offended. 

Even though such conversations are necessary to establish a balanced relationship, guys are afraid to ask ladies about their sexual history because of these or more reasons.

Traditionally, women’s sexual history is more judged unfairly than that of men, and this is one of the reasons why men are hesitant to bring up such topics.


2. Guys Are Afraid To About Who She Has Been With

Questions Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask Girls
Do you also agree with me that all men are jealous and some are jealous on a higher level? 

I believe that is why some men want a virtuous woman, and their definition of a virtuous woman is a lady who has not been with anyone before or who has been with few men in the past. 

And some of these guys, after searching and not finding this unrealistic woman, are restricted by their fears of being with a woman who has been with another man. 

So they would rather remain unaware of who she has been with, neither will they want to have conversations about her past relationships. 

They are simply too afraid to ask her questions relating to this. 

Maybe she has once been with his friend or the friend of his friend or someone close to someone he knows, and he just can not handle that fear of knowing another guy has taken a bite from his cake. 

So he is too afraid to ask her.

3. Guys Are Afraid To Ask Questions About A Lady’s Relationship Expectations

Questions guys are too afraid to ask a girl
It is believed that the more exposure people have to a particular area, the more personal expectations they have of it. 

This applies to romantic situations too.

Guys are too afraid to ask a lady about her relationship expectations, especially a lady who they perceive has had more exposure or has high standards that they fear they might not meet. 

It is better not to know, rather than knowing and not being able to meet those expectations

Some guys even shy away from conversations about a lady’s financial expectations. 

They fear that if they ask about it, she might expect more from them than what they are willing to give, thus making them feel less manly, incapacitated, or unworthy of her.

4. Guys Are Afraid To Ask Questions About A Ladys Achievements

Questions guys are too afraid to ask a girl
Some guys are afraid to ask about a lady’s achievements because of their insecurities.

They really want to know where she stands in her career, her goals, and how far she has gone in realizing her dreams.

But they may be too afraid to ask, especially when everything about the lady’s life screams success.

They may feel like they are not good enough or that they can’t match up to her level of success.

A guy who is secure in himself and his dreams will not be afraid to ask questions about a lady’s achievements.

He will take it as an opportunity to learn more and even gain some inspiration from her accomplishments.

He will also be emotionally mature enough to handle any rejection that might come from his inquiries, understanding that it is best not to take such things personally. 

That’s the type of man that women look for; someone who can appreciate their accomplishments and not be intimidated by them. 

5. Guys Are Afraid To Ask A Lady Out For Marriage

Questions guys are too afraid to ask a girl
My brother once said he didn’t understand the main purpose of marriage proposals.

What has been the plan all along?

What were you both dating for?

Did your relationship never have a purpose, or did you both never see marriage as a goal before? 

Why not just meet up and make marriage plans already? 

The paparazzi is not necessary because most partners have discussed it already. 

They only do it for the show”. 

Well, my brother asked those questions, and those are his views.

I can’t even remember the answers I responded with.

But one thing I am also sure about is that, despite all those paparazzi, some men do it with fear.

They fear that the woman might say no.

Asking a lady out for marriage is another thing guys are too afraid to ask. 

The question “Will you marry me?” is one that they will have to seek advice for and seek confirmation from their friends and their friends if they believe that that lady will agree to marry them, even though she is his girlfriend. 


This list doesn’t contain all there is to the question guys are too afraid to ask.

It’s simply an indication of the few questions many men have a hard time asking women and the reasons why they are so scared to do so.  

In the end, guys need to learn that women are human beings and their answer will be no or yes depending on the situation.

It’s up to them to take a chance and bravely ask those questions they have been too scared to ask. 


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