7 Cute Things Guys Only Do For The Woman They Love

Love, that wonderful, soul-freezing feeling that has launched a thousand ships and inspired countless poems and stories. 

Like the Romeo and Juliet kind of love. 

Yet, despite how beautiful, there are so many doubts and concerns in this world of love where sometimes actions speak louder than words, and other times words are appropriated more than actions. 

Sometimes even the simplest gestures carry the weight of a thousand feelings and assure the heart. 

Love has a language of emotions that people who are in love speaks and is expected to speak through their everyday actions.

And when these languages are not spoken well or interpreted as intended, it leaves the people involved guessing and doubting if the other person loves them. 

Today’s discussion is focused on women’s concerns about how a man should treat them and the things he would do if he were indeed in love with them. 

When a guy falls head over heels for a particular woman, his actions become a flow of affection, tenderness, and care. 

But interpreting this language of love can sometimes feel like solving a mystery.

Have you ever found yourself pondering whether a guy truly loves you? 

I get that you don’t want to jump to conclusions based on mere actions. 

But fear not, because I am here to unravel some of those things guys often do for a lady when they are head over heels in love. 

7 Things Guys Only Do For The Woman They Love

1. He Makes Sacrifices

Things guys do only for the woman they love


Love has a way of making even the most challenging decisions seem easy.

When a guy truly loves you, he will be willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to ensure that your relationship blossoms. 

You’ll see a guy travel a distance just to see the one he loves.   

He will rearrange his schedule for a date night.

In short, he’ll do what it takes because he values you and wants you to feel loved and appreciated.


2. He Will Be Her Undying Fan 

Things guys do only for the woman they love
Some male friends naturally can act like big brothers. 

They are always cheering and motivating you to do more and better. 

It’s like they believe in you against every other person’s words, and it’s weird because you don’t usually expect it from them. 

The case is different when a guy does this for a woman he loves. 

The support is extraordinary, and he remains her fan against all odds. 

You see him defending her publicly, standing up for whatever she represents, and ensuring her name is on the frontline. 

He also gets others to support her. 

A man only rallies for a woman he loves

He stands as her foremost supporter, pushing her to chase after her dreams with so much confidence.


3. He shows Her That He Cares

Things guys do only for the woman they love
It is unlikely for a man to love a particular lady truly, and his actions will say otherwise. 

Although some guys can naturally be affectionate to their female friends. 

Not by being flirty but by being nice, kind, caring, thoughtful, and human roundabout.  

So also, a guy who loves you will show that he cares not just by words but through his actions.

He will be genuinely interested in how you are feeling, and he will make sure to check up on you. 

Some ladies are in a relationship with a guy who checks up on them only when it suits them. 

Such a man doesn’t love you, except you don’t consider regular communication a big deal in a relationship.


4. His Ears Are Close To Her Heart

Things guys do only for the woman they love

When a guy is in love, he becomes the ultimate listener. 

The woman’s thoughts, dreams, and even her rants will not be taken likely by him. 

He would not just hear her; he would usually be fully tuned in, soaking up every word she says.

That’s him saying, “I care about what matters to you.”

We live in a busy world where everyone runs here and there to get to where they want to get to in life, especially men, who are trying to beat the societal demands of their gender roles. 

Yet a man will pay attention to every detail about the woman he loves. 

This is a reflection of where she stands with him. 


5. He Will Introduce Her To Friends And Family

Things guys do only for the woman they love
Have you noticed that men may go into as many relationships as possible, but only a few, if not one, will make it to meeting their parents? 

It is possible that a man would go out with a lady for months and yet has not introduced her to anyone that matters to him. 

But guess what?

A man will not hesitate to introduce a woman he loves to his friends, family or parents, and others who matter to him. 

He will involve her with his family and people that matter to him, letting her know her place in his life. 

This, I believe, is one of the significant things a man will do only for a woman he loves.


6. He Ensures Her Emotional And Physical Security 

Things guys do only for the woman they love

A man’s heart is where his treasures are. 

A man guides or protects a woman he genuinely loves, like his treasure chest. 

Due to the masculinity of guys, it is expected that they exercise more protective gestures than women. 

But for a man who loves a woman, his protection is more. 

This does not refer to him intervening in her private space by not respecting boundaries and trying to put a watch or control over her life.

Instead, it means his gestures will imply to her that he will stand with her and that he has got her back in everything. 


7. He Communicates Openly and Honestly

Things guys do only for the woman they love

Love has this incredible way of breaking down emotional barriers. 

Vulnerability doesn’t come easily to us all, men especially, but when we love, we make effort.

This means a man who loves will try to be honest and open with his emotions, communication, feelings, and thoughts with the woman he truly loves. 

He might tell others, “Do you know who I am?”

But to you, he will say to her with his words and actions, “This is who I am.”

That emotional connection becomes his treasure, and he will nurture it with trust and sincerity.

However, this aspect has much to do with how the guy in question expresses himself emotionally or has learned to communicate in a romantic situation. 

A man may not communicate openly and honestly with a woman he loves if, over time, he has not learned to do so. 

And this leads me to the concluding part. 


Different guys treat the woman they genuinely love in different ways that might be unique. 

 Love is as unique as a fingerprint – no two expressions are the same. 

How a guy treats you, or the things he does for the woman he loves, might be different from how another does.

But one thing is sure, a man who loves you will not treat you in ways that constantly make you doubt his love for you. 

When you know this fact, then you know peace. 



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