7 Mature Signs He Wants To Wife You


So, you’re in a loving, committed relationship, and naturally, you start wondering if your partner is ready for the next big step.

I mean, marriage is an important milestone, right?

Well, guess what?

You’re not alone in wondering about it.

We all look for those signs that show our partner might be thinking about taking that leap with us.

That’s why I’ve put together this blog to give you some insight into the signs he might be dropping that suggest marriage is at least on his mind.

With these subtle hints and clues, you’ll be one step ahead in your relationship.

And hey, if marriage is something both of you are interested in, it’ll help you prepare for a future together.

From small gestures to big surprises, we’ll cover everything you need to know about spotting the signs he wants to marry you.

So, let’s dive in and discover some of the more obvious signs, shall we? 

7 Mature Signs He Wants To Wife You

1. He Fascinates About Having A Family With You

Signs he wants to wife you

A big sign that he’s thinking about marriage is if he starts talking excitedly about having a family with you.

Whether it’s discussing children or future plans, this is a strong indicator that your relationship is heading in the right direction.

There are still guys out there who have goosebumps dreaming about the kind of family they would like to make. 

And they do it more with the woman they love because they see her as part of the plan. 

If a man wants to wife you, you might be able to tell by how he is fascinated about having a family with you. 

“I can imagine what kind of a mother you will be. Our kids will really enjoy your meals.”

“We would have four kids, and we would all observe Thanksgiving dinner every Sunday evening.” 

He verbalizes his dreams and the beautiful pictures he imagines of the home he will make, and you will be part of the plan. 

He will constantly add you to the picture like he is so sure that is what you want too. 

Any guy who finds a lady he is in love with and is sure about will first take her on a magical ride of his marriage desires and dreams and eventually make those dreams more achievable by marrying her. 


2. He Welcomes Your Opinions Regarding His Personal Affairs

Signs he wants to wife you
One thing I have seen among guys who want to wife their girlfriends is how they welcome her opinions regarding their personal affairs. 

They practice partnership even before she says, “I do.” 

“Babe, I would like to get bigger wifi. I need it at work; what do you think?”

Questions like these are solely a show of their receptiveness to her opinions, even though they are personal to him. 

He inquires from her about things and truly considers her input. 

They enjoy rubbing their mind with hers regarding things they want to do.

A sign that he wants to wife you is that he enjoys keeping you in the know. 


3. He Introduces You To His Family And Close Friends

Signs he wants to wife you
A man who wants to wife a lady will introduce her to people who are dear to him. 

This reflects how much he cares about her, what she means to him, and how he also wants her to be known by people he sees in the same light. 

He is like, “Yo! See my girlfriend”. 

And they say, “We’ve heard a lot about you.”

As a lady, you will notice he not only introduces you to them and them to you, but he also cares about them loving you, too, and you doing the same. 

He will put in the effort to ensure that those who are dear to them see the angel in you, and he hopes for one big happy circle where your presence feels natural with those around — like you are one of them. 

This is because he intends to wife you someday, and making you feel at home is like watering the ground and anticipating a fruitful harvest. 


4. He Also Wants To Be Involved In Your Personal Affairs

Signs he wants to wife you
A man who desires to make a woman his wife will engage in a partnership or reciprocated partnership. 

He will be present and will like to contribute to her life as much as he involves her in his life too. 

He will be concerned about her dreams, what she chases per season, and the engagements that will be best for her and them as partners.

He will support her because her win is his win.

Her personal affairs, especially if she also makes it easy for him to help, will matter to him as he treats them with family in view. 


5. He Encourages Sharing Of Views And Values In The Relationship 

Signs he wants to wife you
Some men can be indifferent to their girlfriend’s views. 

Indifferent in the sense that they won’t care what she believes in and her reasons for upholding certain values or beliefs. 

They often say things like, “She can do whatever she wants. It’s her life”. 

They say this not from an understanding or respective level but rather from an unconcerned or careless sense because, in the end, they don’t see a future with her, so why bother? 

But a man who wants to marry a lady he is in a relationship with will appreciate honest conversations where each other’s views are discussed. 

He will want to see things the way she sees them because he cares about the things she holds dear. 

He will find where their views meet and encourage balance in how he addresses her uniqueness. 

This is because he recognizes the beauty of shared values between spouses and desires the same for the future family he will build with you. 


6. He Expresses His Intentions Of Getting Married

Signs he wants to wife you
Nothing hits more than when men verbalize their intentions. 

And while some men abuse promises and words to get what they want from ladies, some men use words for what it is genuinely meant for— to express and inform. 

A sign that a man wants to wife you is his verbal expressions of his marriage intentions for you. 

“I want you to be my wife,” “I will be so happy to call you wife,” “I want to love you forever,” “I want this to last.”

 This man is aware of the commitment that comes with marriage, and he is ready to take on that commitment with you. 

He wants to build a life with you; he desires for you to be his last resort as well as his best companion.

He wants a future family built together in love and understanding. 

This man is truly looking forward to taking your hand in marriage and will stop at nothing to make you his lawfully wedded wife.

He loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. 

If he’s ready for a lifetime commitment, then it can be safe to assume that he truly is looking forward to popping the question.


7. He Puts In Effort To Preserve And Build The relationship 

Signs he wants to wife you
Some men can be careless in their relationships. 

Especially when the chase is over, she has accepted his proposal to date him, so they suddenly start dropping the game. 

To know a man who wants to marry the lady he is dating, you may notice this by how much effort he puts into growing and maintaining the life in what they share. 

He will be consistent, not cold today, and lukewarm tomorrow. 

He is sure he loves her that much, so you will see it in how he guards her jealously. 

He would not want her to feel less than how his heart holds her. 

Of course, we shouldn’t expect him to treat his wife-to-be anyway less. 



Love is the beginning of a journey—marriage, of two people as they do life together. 

So I agree with making your intentions clear from the beginning.

Yes, make it clear by communicating with the person you are in a relationship with that your goal for the relationship is to nurture your love for each other and eventually get married.

Let him know you desire to be a wife, and you should also consider telling him when exactly. 

“Now I am 25, and I wish to get married before I am 30 if things work out for us. What about you?”

This way, he is aware of your desires, and you are aware of his too.

Then your worries about him making you his wife would be reduced, and if possible, there would be no worries at all. 

Try to understand his perceptions towards marriage and the possible reasons why he may want or may not want to wife you or why he hasn’t made any steps to wife you yet. 

I know I have expressed my suggestions in the previous lines, but firstly, understand your man personally because he is unique, as well as the circumstances surrounding your relationship. 

If he loves you, he will want to make you his wife. 

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