What Does A Married Man Who Texts You Daily Want?

Come to think of it, why would a married who has a wife and probably children be chatting with a woman other than his wife every day?

Men tend to want to chat with people other than their wives.

Even the quietest of them all want to talk to someone at some point.

A good marriage is beautiful, no doubt.

But it does come with its “limitation” in that when one is married; caution must be exercised when relating with the opposite sex.

Even if a man has been close friends with other ladies before he married his wife or after he did, boundaries should be put in place out of respect for his wife and his vows.

Bro, you’re committed to another individual in a lifelong relationship!

At every step of the way, you must always honor the vows you exchanged with each other in the presence of men and God.

So, when this man who isn’t single starts giving his time and attention to someone he probably just met or has been friends with for a long time, it raises many questions.

You know we are in a time where “everything goes,” and we don’t seek to question people’s motives.

But then, as someone with the correct values, you mustn’t take chances when doing the right thing.

You met a man not quite long, and he’s always reaching out daily without fail.

He hasn’t said anything to you, but you keep asking yourself, “What does this man want?”

So, let’s look at a few things a married man who texts you daily might want from you.

7 Probable Things A Married Man Who Texts You Daily Wants

1. Friendship

What Does A Married Man Who Texts You Daily Want?

Honestly, marriage doesn’t make us immune to having other friends.

We meet people at our place of work, church, or events, and a fantastic platonic relationship can start from there.

However, it can be slightly dicey if it’s with a married man whom you just met.

You know why, by marriage, our partners should be our best friends.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have other friends outside them.

It has to be defined from the outset.

However, we mustn’t throw caution to the wind, especially with a member of the opposite sex.

Once you know he’s a married man and you observe that he’s checking up on you daily, you should ask him questions.

I’ve heard people say they don’t want to be too forward.


Nah, you’re not being forward.

You’re putting your discretion to work.

Yes, please, kindly define the friendship.

Let’s know what he wants.

Ask him questions.

You know, even between a single guy and a lady, emotions could start flying when relationships aren’t defined.

And this can also happen between a married man and a single lady, as well.

If he wants friendship, okay.

Seek to know the kind of friendship he wants.

But ultimately, in being friends with a married man you just met, you need to be careful so you don’t end up in “an entanglement.”

At the same time, whatever friendship he wants but doesn’t want to introduce you to, his wife screams, “red flag.”

2. A gist partner

What Does A Married Man Who Texts You Daily Want?

A married man could text you daily because he has found a gist partner in you.

Probably, you’re a great conversationalist, and you seem to know a lot about everything,

He might not necessarily be looking for friendship, but for someone he could banter with.

Some men who love to talk but whose wives are unavailable or reserved fall into this category.

He could want to be talking to you every day.

You both could discuss topics ranging from politics to finance, governance, and spirituality.

However, boundaries have to be set.

In a way, if his wife is aware, it might not be a bad idea.

But if the wife doesn’t know you and each time you try to ask after her, he tries to avoid it, it could mean he wants more than being a gist partner but wants to seize that avenue to gain access to you for a romantic affair.

3. An emotional affair

If a married man texts you daily, he could be interested in having an emotional affair.

An emotional affair is when an individual has a non-sexual relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

So many men who are married are sitting pretty on this table.

While they have their beloved wife at home, they seek intimacy from another woman.

It usually starts from being friendly and gradually graduates into something more intense.

He starts enjoying the company of the “woman outside.”

From flirting to sexting, an emotional affair could graduate into a sexual relationship.

Any man seeking emotional intimacy wants to use you to ease his burden.

If you give him a chance, he will only be here for a short period, not forever.

No matter how badly he talks about his wife, he won’t leave her for you.

I don’t think it’s wise to be involved in an emotional affair with a married man.

4. Physical intimacy 

The desire to make you his partner in bed could be why he’s chatting with you daily.

Some men are philanderers.

They are married yet can’t take their eyes off other women.

They aren’t looking for a relationship.

They are only after sleeping with women.

They’ve been in the game for a long and are strategic in their moves.

And no, some men aren’t doing it because their wives deny them.

It’s just a result of a lack of discipline.

And that’s why it’s essential to ascertain what he’s up to.

After a few days of trying to get familiar with you, he can start proposing that you both meet somewhere private and all. 

It’s a pointer because he wants you for your body. 

The ball is in your court to severe ties with him or continue.

But of course, you know that sleeping with a married man who is all shades of wrong. 

We believe in doing the right things.

5. Psychological support 

What Does A Married Man Who Texts You Daily Want?

He could be going through life issues and feels he could get your support.

Some men would seek support from people other than their wives.

Friends know them more than their wives.

They are more comfortable with being vulnerable with friends.

So, if a married man has been texting you every day for quite a while now and he’s always talking about the many problems he’s facing at his job, his home, he might just be looking up to you for support.

But really, this is the role a partner should play in their spouse’s life.

When a man suddenly makes you their confidant, it shows something is wrong with their marriage.

And, of course, with wisdom, you should know how to point their attention to where they can get the help they need.

If he’s going through issues in his marriage, he should speak with a counselor.

This is to avoid any form of emotional attachment.

6. Business deals

What Does A Married Man Who Texts You Daily Want?

A married man could chat with you because he wants to strike a business deal with you.

For instance, if he’s in the same line of business as you, he could want you both to work together.

He may be chatting to get familiar with you for an easy flow of communication.

As long as it’s strictly for that objective, it’s okay. 

7. Money

No one hates money, right? 

If you are rich, it could be a reason a married man wants to get close to you.

Funny but not funny!

Once some men observe that you seem to have what they want, they will try and get close, and they start milking you from there.

If you’re getting to know this man and, after a while, he starts talking endlessly about his many financial issues, know that he’s up to something.


While we shouldn’t refuse to relate with people, either married or single, we must put caution in place in dealing with the opposite sex.

You don’t need to be paranoid, just be wise.

When a married man is trying to get close, kindly set boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to look him in the eyes and say no to any inappropriate advances.

Don’t allow anyone to toy with your emotions.

Remember, a married man would almost always not leave his wife for you.

Hence, don’t give in to any smooth talker.

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  1. I actually don’t know how to quite put this. I have been talking to a married man for 18 years now. Yes it started off as a one off (I was married at the time) he worked with my ex. After all this time we still talk nearly everyday (I live on the west coast, he on the east), no his wife doesn’t know about me, it does make me feel guilty but can’t seem to stop.


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