10 Unmistakable Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband

Has your husband ever complained that you don’t respect him?

If yes, you may need to pay close attention to this and make adjustments where necessary.

Respect is one of the fundamentals of a healthy home.

”A man needs respect”- you must have heard this statement severally.

This is true.

When couples learn to respect each other, it helps to strengthen the love and affection they share.

When you value people’s opinions and consider their feelings, they feel respected.

On the other hand, when a partner feels disrespected, resentment could build up,

Which will most definitely affect the marriage.

I want to point your attention to unmistakable signs that might indicate disrespect towards your husband.

10 Unmistakable Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband

1. You don’t appreciate his efforts and contributions

8 Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband.
A man is raised to take responsibility for his home.

A good man wants to take care of his family.

He does everything possible to ensure his wife and children are doing fine.

That’s what gives him joy.

And when he’s appreciated, he’s encouraged to do more.

But if you’re given to constantly criticizing him and undermining his efforts, it shows you don’t respect him.

When a man feels unappreciated despite his sacrifices, he won’t be happy.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you genuinely looked at your husband and told him, “Thank you.”

Have you ever bought him a gift?

Doing these and more sends a signal of appreciation to your husband.

It would help if you were intentional about your husband.

He’s yours and not someone else’s.

Let him know you value what he does.

2. You weaponize affection

8 Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband.

Love and affection flow like a river between you two until he does something that offends you.

You’d instead not address but punish him by denying him affection.

If he tries to initiate sex, you will make him miserable.

You want to make him pay for his offense.

And no matter how hard he tries to soothe you, you won’t budge until you’ve taken your pound of flesh.

This is a sign that you don’t respect him.

Weaponizing affection isn’t the best decision to make when you feel offended.

He might not even be aware that he did something wrong.

Having a conversation with your husband and expressing how his actions or inactions affect you is a sign of maturity and respect for him.

3. You belittle him

8 Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband.

Belittling means to make them feel less of themselves and make them unimportant.

When you seize every opportunity to belittle your husband, it shows you don’t have an iota of respect for him.

Belittling statements include, “You’re so dumb,” and “You’re not as smart as I thought.”

Some women even go as far as asking, “Are you even a man?”

You’re belittling your husband when you compare him or others or make funny comments about him.

Some women even compare their husband’s penis with other men, which is below the belt.

When you belittle your husband, how do you expect people close to you to see him as a respectable person?

You might have been doing this but never thought it was wrong.

That’s why I’m drawing your attention to it.

Your husband deserves the honor.

You shouldn’t get so familiar to the point where you lose your regard for him.

4. You make important decisions without consulting him

If you’re used to taking essential steps without informing your husband, it’s disrespectful.

For instance, You decide to buy a car, and yes, you choose to go to a dealer shop to get one, and your husband gets to know when he gets home from work.

Yeah, I know you’re an adult, and you’re free to make any decision as you deem fit.

However, it shows you have no regard for the man you’re with.

Because really, why would you make such an important decision without running it by him, especially if he’s a supportive husband who delights in his wife’s success?

When we carry our husbands along in everything we do, it’s not as if we can’t do it without them, instead, it shows that we see them as an essential part of our lives.

4. Being overly controlling

8 Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband.

Some women are very controlling.

They like to impose and push for everything always to go their way.

They will assert their ideologies, their will, and desires above everyone else.

If you’re always in the right, but your husband is always in the wrong, it reeks of disrespect.

It is respectful and honoring to listen to others and acknowledge them.

Besides, marriage is not a place to prove “rightness” or “wrongness.”

And things will not always go our way, no matter how good our opinions might be.

Being able to accommodate each other’s views and opinions shows mutual respect.

6. You keep him in the dark

It’s disrespectful when your friends and family know you more than your spouse.

Probably, you’ve heard so many tales of woes about how one shouldn’t trust their husband, and you decide to follow suit by keeping secrets.

If he gets the information about you from a third party, it won’t sit well with him and such is capable of breaking your marriage.

In an ideal situation, couples shouldn’t keep secrets from each other.

Marriage affords you the privilege of being vulnerable with each other without fear.

You share not only your wins but also your failures.

Transparency and honesty are essential in marriage.

7. You dismiss his concerns 

It’s normal to raise an eyebrow over issues that don’t sit well with us.

But if each time your husband does, you always dismiss his concerns.

You end up making him feel bad for his opinion, it shows you don’t respect him.

Some men would instead bottle up whatever they don’t feel at ease with because they know raising it won’t yield a good result.

You’re his wife, the woman he loves, it would help if you made it easy for him to express his concerns without making him feel miserable.

Could you show respect for his feelings?

Please don’t make him feel worse for wanting to have a dialogue with you about a pressing issue.

8. You downplay his achievements and successes

A couple is a team who own and celebrate sees each other’s achievements.

They pull their weight behind each other to see they become the best in their chosen endeavor.

You are supposed to be each other’s cheerleader.

And seeing your partner celebrate your success as if it’s theirs is bliss.

That’s what couples should do.

But if you’d rather downplay his achievements and make him feel worthless, it shows a lack of respect for him.

When you say you respect a man, you should also be able to appreciate their job and all they represent.

9. You shout at him

Some women shout at their husbands and are very irritable.

This could be disrespectful to him.

He may be asking you a question or genuinely concerned, but if you respond aggressively.

Or start yelling at him. It will turn him off.

Shouting at your husband is a sign of disrespect. 

He has the ability to hear and understand whatever it is you have to say.

Even if you are upset for any reason, it will be good to put a rein on your emotions before speaking.

No one likes to be disrespected or treated aggressively.

10. You speak ill of him to others

Speaking ill of your spouse to a third party, whether a friend, family, social media bud, or colleague, is disrespectful.

Some go as far as revealing things about their husbands with the aim of casting him in a bad light.

Social media even makes it easy to do this, as there are online chat rooms where wives secretly say demeaning things about their husbands.

This is demeaning and disrespectful.

The golden rule says to do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

As much as you wouldn’t want your most trusted friend and confidant backstabbing you, you shouldn’t do that to your husband too.


Well, there you have it, and I hope these points have helped you gain perspective on the topic.

Respect is something every human desires.

Of course, it means different things to different people, and other factors come to play too.

However, in the context of marriage, respect should be reciprocal.

A wife should be able to give her husband the respect he deserves.

And you can only do this when you understand what respect means to him.

If you love your husband, you should show him you respect him.

7 thoughts on “10 Unmistakable Signs You Are Disrespecting Your Husband”

  1. I am being treated like all of these and worse. Been married for 19 years now and it’s only getting worse. She makes all decisions without a word to me, and she turned all the kids (and everyone else she could) against me and the gang up against me together. When I want to talk about the kids, for any parenting related things, she gets furious at me. She treats me like I’m a stupid loser that doesn’t know anything and my feelings aren’t real or valid. I’m unwanted garbage. If she sees me talking to the kids and it’s going well, she will say something to them to make sure they don’t talk to me. She doesn’t s want them to even like me. And she lies, so much, all the time. Every day. I don’t know what to do with her. if I dare say anything to anyone, she makes sure that I’m the one who gets in trouble. Like she is always way ahead of me and has a plan for everything. She told me to keep my mouth shut or she’d accuse me of rape. And a bunch of other things. I never raped nobody, but she doesn’t care, she has no conscience about what she does. Hope she doesn’t find out about this.

    • Read up on narcissistic woman. She is cheating on you without any doubt. You are probably sticking out for the kids but this is taking a huge toll on your mental and physical health. I don’t think you can fix this relationship.

      Shut this person off and move far away. You will start appreciating life as a loner than in a relationship like this.

      Fix yourself up, start new hobby, exercise, go hiking, meet new people and you will find the one that is going to make your heart skip a few beats.Good luck.

  2. Not that it’s my place….which version of yourself would you want to raise your kids?!

    A coward or A man of strength?!

    Unless you’re guilty of the things you stated, call her bluff. I’m not pitting you against her, it appears she’s taken care of that already from your story given. I would also ask what would her story sound like if she were to post?! However, as a man of strength (NOT intimidation or bashing) you need to reclaim yourself! It’s not what you need to do with her but instead how much longer you care to see yourself in this situation

  3. I am so sad for Clarence and Henry. But I’m even sadder for their respective wives.
    It’s obvious that their wives have no self esteem or self love. One cannot love others if one doesn’t love themselves.
    These wives loathe themselves. It’s too bad. that each has so much wrongful influence over others who will side with her.
    My life motto now is “Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.” God bless you, men.

  4. I read this k owing its intended for women. On reading it I’ll realized a lot exactly what my wife does. She’s never wrong and never apologizes, dismisses me if I wish to talk to her about something bothering me. I’m handy but she will say no way I can do a task. But say good job when I do. She will embarrass me when we have guests if I interject something in a conversation that wants to control. She pretty much wants to control everything. Yet can’t really cause of disabilities. Her brother is my friend and says that the family way


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