What Should A Woman Bring To The Table In A Relationship?

A relationship is beautiful when you’re with the right partner.

The success of a relationship isn’t determined by how good you’re for each other only but by how much effort you’re ready to make to see it work out.

Both parties must see the need to do the job for a relationship to work.

When you love someone, you will want to do everything possible to ensure he’s always happy.

As a woman, you have a massive role in your relationship.

Yeah! When you play your part, and your man plays his part, it helps to strengthen your bond and intimacy.

Some people believe men are supposed to do it all in a relationship, but this is not so.

I will be sharing nine things a woman should bring to the table in a relationship.

Please read on.

9 Things A Woman Should Bring to The Table in a Relationship

1. Love and Affection

What Should a Woman Bring to The Table in a Relationship?

Do you see these two?

They are “importanter”, if there’s any word like that.

Your man deserves your love and affection.

Every fibre of you should be able to accept this man.

Yeah, I believe that love grows.

However, there has to be an amount of love you have for him, which will grow over time as you spend time together.

There are so many ideologies flowing around that a woman doesn’t have a duty to love and her man should love.

It’s not true!

Just as you want your man to love you, he deserves to be loved.

Yes! He’s human, too.

He desires and deserves love and affection.

It would help if you showed him you’re glad to have him in your life.

You shouldn’t hold back but be ready to express your love.

Your actions and words should reveal your feelings.

2. Ingenuity

The ability to display ingenuity is a fantastic quality a woman needs in a relationship.

In a relationship, it’s not unusual to experience challenging situations, and how they are handled determines what becomes of the love they share.

An ingenious woman cleverly looks for ways to salvage situations always.

She knows how to appeal to her man’s emotions.

She’s right beside her partner, giving intelligent and practicable ideas on handling issues.

She aims to see both of them become better partners.

And no, she’s not pretending.

She has an idea of what to do per time.

Her problem-solving skill is top-notch.

3. Intuition.

What Should a Woman Bring to The Table in a Relationship?

Women tend to be more intuitive than men. 

There’s just this “sixth sense” that helps them understand things even when they aren’t thinking about it.

And this helps them to perceive things easily.

For example, they quickly know when their partners are  “not in the mood”. 

An intuitive woman doesn’t always need to be beside her man physically before she can sense something “off” about situations.

And most times, she’s accurate about it.

 It’s an excellent quality that can make a lot of difference in a relationship.

It helps to create a sense of emotional awareness in the relationship.

It helps foster understanding too.

It’s an excellent quality needed for a relationship to thrive.

4. Self-worth

What Should a Woman Bring to The Table in a Relationship?
A woman should go into a relationship with her self-worth intact.

She should have a sense of being good enough for her partner and deserve every ounce of respect her man shows her.

There have been situations where some women have previously been with men who crushed their sense of self-worth.

They’ve been emotionally battered, so they don’t see anything good about themselves.

At the same time, some have been sexually abused.

If you’re in this shoes, I greatly empathise with you.

But you know what?

It would help if you didn’t allow your past to affect your present or determine your future.

I also recommend seeing a counsellor or psychologist to help you find wholeness.

6. Individuality

What Should a Woman Bring to The Table in a Relationship?

This is very important.

That you’re in a relationship with a guy doesn’t mean you should hide your individuality.

As a woman, your life shouldn’t revolve around your man.

It’s important to build yourself. Enjoy your own company.

Discover your strengths, and build on them.

Celebrate your wins.

This will strengthen your relationship.

When a woman makes her man “her world”, at some point in time, the man might feel choked.

This is why a woman shouldn’t enter a relationship looking forward to a man to complete her.

She should have a sense of completeness in herself.

Her whole existence isn’t bound to a man.

7. Support

What Should A Woman Bring To The Table In A Relationship?
Another vital virtue a woman should bring into a relationship is support.

She should be willing and ready to support her man to be the best he can be.

No one is self-sufficient. We all need people who believe in the best of us.

Every man has a dose of fear.

They sometimes mask them with their ego.

But they lay it bare when they meet someone they can be vulnerable with.

And what they desire at that instance is support.

You should be able to encourage and support him constantly.

Show him that you believe in him.

Let him know you’re with him every step of the way.

Be his cheerleader.

Give constructive criticism where and when necessary.

8. Compassion

By nature, a woman is tenderhearted, and this helps her to be able to show compassion.

This is one virtue that sustains the love and affection in a relationship.

When a woman is compassionate towards her man,

She can conclude that things will not always be smooth, but as things go, she’s right there to show she cares.

She’s a shoulder to lean on at all times.

She’s kind and would not look at her man from the lens of the difficulties in his life.

9. Fun/Pleasure

What Should a Woman Bring to The Table in a Relationship?

How would the world have been without women?

They’re a breath of fresh air.

They know how to turn dull moments into exciting moments.

As a woman, you should bring fun and spontaneity into a relationship.

Men are generally boring, although there are a few exceptions.

And they don’t always know how to make the atmosphere lively.

At the onset of the relationship, the two people are happily flowing in love, and they can’t get enough of each other.

As time progresses, the excitement could wane.

You could plan dates, go on vacations, and organise picnics to maintain this spark.

It would help if you made your relationship enjoyable.

Make every moment count.

You don’t need to break the bank before you enjoy each other’s company.

Ensure to be a life-wire of that relationship you are in.



Above are just some of the diverse things women should bring into a relationship.

A relationship is not about one person; it takes two to tango.

Being a woman means you are unique, and there are values that only you can bring into the relationship.

And guess what?

As you do so, it impacts your partner and makes the relationship better and stronger.\


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