10 Clear Signs Your Wife Hates You

It’s a sad reality that love could degenerate into hatred.

When lovers are starting, they never anticipate a day will come when they will start to loathe each other.

That spouse you can’t live without may gradually become your worst nightmare.

Getting to this point is usually gradual.

This is why marriage is hard work.

It’s for two adults, a man and his wife, who would keep choosing each other each new day.

A woman who loved you passionately from the beginning won’t just start hating for no reason.

Something must trigger it.

It starts with anger, and then resentment builds,

And over time, it becomes a full-blown hatred.

Many women have moved the level of deep affection for their husbands to nursing feelings of hatred for them.

And as a matter of fact, getting to this point means the marriage is almost over, except steps are taken to address the issues that brought about this.

Have you seen some behaviors in your wife lately that were absent from the beginning?

You can’t stop wondering what happened to your ever-sweet wife.

It has gotten so bad that she doesn’t care if anything happens to you.

And amid arguments, she won’t stop telling you how much she hates you.

I’m afraid to tell you that you don’t need to take that as mere words.

The following are signs your wife hates you.

10 Clear Signs Your Wife Hates You

1. She stops caring about you.

When a woman who once cared about every detail about you stops showing she cares, it’s a red signal.

And it would help if you didn’t take it lightly.

Naturally, women are nurturing beings.

When they are in love, everyone knows.

They put in so much effort, and one of the ways they express this love is to show care.

From constant verbal expressions of their love to showering their husband’s gifts,

They want the men in their lives happy.

They are always ready to go the extra mile to make their husband happy.

If your wife has been doing this but suddenly stops, it’s a clear indication that there’s fire on the mountain, and if you still treasure what you both share, you may need to take deliberate steps to salvage your home.

2. She stops being intimate with you.

9 Signs Your Wife Hates You

Whenever you try to make sexual advances to her, and she rejects it constantly, it’s a pointer to the fact that she hates you.

No matter how much you try to catch her attention through your gestures, she’d have none of it.

And no, there’s no way you can force her to do what she’s not willing to do.

Women usually attach emotions to sex, making giving themselves to someone they don’t love difficult.

But she will readily give herself to you when she’s happy and in love.

3. She stops showing interest in your affairs

One of the ways couples express love to each other is through the interest they show in their spouse’s endeavors.

If she’s ever-present in every aspect of your life,

She’s always available to support and encourage you at all times.

But she stops showing interest, and she sounds so indifferent when you fill her in on some crucial steps you’re taking,

It shows she has lost her love for you.

And at this time, she’s only putting up with you.

4. She starts criticizing and belittling you

9 Signs Your Wife Hates You

Sharp criticisms from people we love hit deeper than from people who know little or nothing about us.

When your wife, who used to believe so much in you and gave herself to ensuring that you become the best version of yourself, starts criticizing and belittling your efforts,

It’s a sign that she has developed a hatred for you.

Everything you do nauseates her.

She makes you feel you’re not good enough.

She taunts you with her words.

To her, nothing you do makes sense.

5. She starts making decisions on her own

Before now, you both made decisions together as a couple.

You both consider many factors before you pick the most logical one.

Even to the minutest details, she carries you along.

Of course, this is how a healthy marriage should be.

But now, she makes decisions independently without running them by you.

Sometimes, you get to know when she mentions it in passing; or don’t even hear of it.

She starts saying, “I don’t owe you an explanation.”

And she is unbothered about your feelings.

She deliberately makes these moves to spite you, and she doesn’t give a damn.

This is a sign that she hates you.

6. She stonewalls

9 Signs Your Wife Hates You

From constantly arguing with you, she could start stonewalling.

She gives a silent treatment.

When she notices your presence, she leaves the room.

She avoids having conversations with you.

Her response to your questions is always a one-word answer or silence.

She treats you as if you don’t exist.

It’s an obvious sign that your presence disgusts her.

7. She starts doing the exact thing you hate

Being with you for some time, she knows what you like and hate.

Once she starts doing those things you hate and she refuses to budge no matter how you talk to her about it,

It’s an indication that she has lost her love for you.

When a woman loves her husband, she does everything to please him. One of which is doing what he likes and avoiding what he hates.

8. She stops confiding in you

9 Signs Your Wife Hates You

When she stops discussing essential matters about her with you,

She now seems to you like a stranger and not a wife.

And you observe that her friends and family have become her confidant, which means she has lost her love for you.

When love is lost, trust will surely be missing as well.

9. She tells you

The female gender are an interesting and mostly emotional bunch.

When in love, they invest their words, time, and resources, including their emotions.

Most women won’t hesitate to express their love verbally.

However, when your once-loving wife looks you in the eye and tells you she hates you.

Please just know that there is fire on the mountain!

Her words are an indication of how she truly feels.

10. She starts being unfaithful

9 Signs Your Wife Hates You

This seems to be the height of it all.

A woman who loves you will do everything to see that the marriage works.

She makes every effort to ensure that her love for you is sustained.

However, when you observe that she starts getting emotionally attached to someone else without giving a damn about how you feel,

It’s a clear indication that you’ve lost her.

Some women whose husbands cheated on them sometimes do this to pay back.


For many reasons, a woman who once loved you starts developing hatred toward you.

When there’s a misunderstanding in the home, it’s essential to resolve it.

If you allow it to linger, you already give room for resentment.

Once hatred sets in, it’s almost impossible to save that marriage, yet, it’s not impossible to resolve it.

Especially if you both still want the marriage.

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