9 Apparent Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

Everyone has certain expectations of their partner.

And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, people sometimes overstretch their expectations.

Some ladies’ standards are so flawless that you’d think they want to make an Angel of their partner.

They hold their boyfriends to such standard that if they by chance fall short, it could lead to severe conflicts in the relationship or even break up.

And I’ve discovered that sometimes, these ladies don’t even know how this affects their relationships.

They are only bent on “furnishing their boyfriends to their taste.” Lol.

Funny, right?

They tend to overlook the essential details while focusing more on unimportant ones.

Have you and your boyfriend been having issues lately, and it’s as if nothing he does looks commendable?

It could be that you’re expecting too much from him.

You might not even know this is what you’re doing.

Below, I will list a few apparent signs you are expecting too much from your boyfriend.

Please read on.

9 Apparent Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

1. You expect him to look good always


9 Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

If you expect your boyfriend to always look charming, you sure expect too much.

You have this picture of a perfect man whose dress sense must be top-notch, his beard well trimmed at all times.

Even when he’s at home, he must look prim and proper.

Even you know this isn’t possible.

Aren’t there times you wake up and don’t even have the vibe to glam up, and all you care about is just putting on a dress and getting out of the house?

So, why not just cut him some slack?

Of course, that’s not to make an excuse for any form of shabbiness.

But for as long as you know that he’s doing his best in his dressing and carriage, please don’t make a fuss when he seems not to be his best.

2. You expect him to read your mind

You always assume “he’s supposed to know,” and you make an issue out of it when he does not know.

Well, I don’t think you’ve ever seen anyone whose expertise is “to read other people’s minds.”

This guy is your boyfriend and not a mind reader.

When you constantly put him in this position, and he falls short, you will always be disappointed.

You should always be able to tell your partner what you want per time.

You don’t even need to throw subtle signs, especially if you know he’s one that’s not given to getting such hints.

3. You want him to spend all his free time with you

9 Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

Anytime you know he has free time, you’re always insistent on him spending it with you; you are expecting too much from him.

Babe, this guy has other people in life, too.

His family and friends are important parts of his life. He should spend time with them.

Besides, it would help if you also had a life outside your relationship.

Enjoy your own company and also the company of your friends. Let your boyfriend do the same.

Don’t choke him with too much attention.

It’s not even healthy for your relationship.

Let the young man breathe.

4. You’re overly critical of his actions and decisions

9 Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

There’s no decision he makes that has ever received a “pass mark” from you.

You always look for loopholes.

You don’t trust his decisions and won’t fail to make this known to him at every opportunity.

You’re always in for perfection and nothing less.

When you’re always critical of your boyfriend’s actions and decisions, you’re bruising his ego.

It would help if you learned to allow him to make decisions without making him feel bad.

5. You expect him to meet all your needs

Just as you have needs, so does your boyfriend, too.

Placing such a demand on him to meet your need is an unrealistic expectation.

But wait, if he wasn’t in your life, wouldn’t you have met your own need?

This guy is your boyfriend and not your husband.

Sure, your boyfriend should give. What is love without giving?

But he’s not your provider.

6. You are pressuring him to change certain aspects of his personality

9 Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

It’s good to desire to see improvements in some aspects of our partner’s life.

But it’s an effort in futility when you seek to change them.

It’s pretty funny that some people seek to change their partners.

You have no power to change anyone.

People change because they want to.

You only can change yourself, and even that is quite a difficult thing to do.

How much more wanting to change to another adult?

If you see certain aspects of his life that you’re not comfortable with, and you can’t take your mind off it,

It’s either you learn to live with it or take a walk.

7.  You don’t expect him to be angry with you


Really? Lol

This is as unrealistic as it sounds.

As much as you shouldn’t go into a relationship anticipating the not-so-good times,

At the same time, you mustn’t be delusional about what a relationship is about.

Both of you’re two different people, so it’s normal to have misunderstandings.

You both are two different people with different outlooks on issues.

Hence, he could get angry with you just as you can also get angry with him.

Expecting your boyfriend not to be angry with you sometimes is not healthy.

All you need to do when you are angry is have an honest conversation to resolve the issue.

8.  He must make you happy at all times

9 Signs You Are Expecting Too Much From Your Boyfriend

Making your boyfriend your source of happiness is unreasonable and unrealistic.

Relationship is a sweet-bitter experience.

Sometimes, this man whom you love so much will do something that could make you sad and angry at the same time.

You’ll even wonder where you met this ‘son of Adam’. Lol.

And at other times, he could do something that will make you keep blessing the day you met him.

Now, this means that no one has the key to your happiness.

Yes, you’re responsible for your happiness.

Your boyfriend can’t make you happy at all times.

He’s human too.

9. You constantly compare him with your dream of an ideal partner

In your mind, you have a perfect definition of your ideal partner.

You expect nothing less than the standard you’ve set.

And you always demand this from your partner.

You want him to measure up so that you can brag to the whole world that you’ve got a perfect gentleman in your life.

Well, let me burst your bubble; no one is perfect.

The earlier you come to terms with this, the better for you.

While it’s good to have expectations of your boyfriend, you mustn’t push him beyond limits.

Be willing to make compromises.

All the best!

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