9 Sure Signs He Will Never Cheat Again

You loved him with the whole of your heart.

You devoted your time and attention to the relationship.

But you caught him red-handed with another woman.

The pain, the disappointment, the betrayal, the broken trust, and every other feeling that runs through you.

You decided to end the relationship, take a walk, and never look back, but he’s back, and he’s sorry about everything and promises tp never do it again.

You’re not sure whether to believe him or not.

Frankly, trying to repair a strained relationship due to unfaithfulness is difficult.

While some people won’t go back into such a relationship,

Some others might decide to continue with the relationship once they are sure their partner is remorseful and has promised not to do it again.

Now, back to you,

You know the saying, once beaten, twice shy, right?

You sure know you shouldn’t go through this kind of pain again.

Are you considering continuing the relationship, but you don’t know if he has changed as he said?

Well, you know you don’t have to take his words for it alone; you need to watch out for his actions.

This will give you a clue whether he’s genuinely changed and he’s worth your love and attention again.

I will run through a few signs that show that he’s changed and won’t cheat again.

9 Sure Signs He Will Never Cheat Again

1. He becomes open and honest

Signs He Will Never Cheat Again

Evil, they say, thrives in secrecy.

One of the signs he will never cheat again is that he will become more open and honest with you.

He will become vulnerable with you and fill you in on every detail about him.

As it stands, he is trying to win your trust back, and that is the exact reason he will leave no stone unturned.

For example, he will start intimating you about his daily itinerary,

The friends he’s talking to, and even future plans.

He will ensure to stay true to whatever he says.

He is transparent about every step and decision he makes.


2. He makes an effort to rebuild the trust

Cheating can take a toll on any relationship. 

Your man is aware of this, and that is why he’s doing everything within his capacity to regain your trust. 

He might be proactive in establishing boundaries so as to prevent a repeat performance of the mistake. 

He will also be willing to explain how he has changed from the person he was when he cheated. 

He will be honest and open about his feelings and opinions so that you can trust him again. 

Your man is determined to make things right, even if it means taking the extra mile. 

He might take up counseling sessions with a therapist to better understand how his actions have affected you. 

He knows trust has been broken, and he understands that rebuilding the trust requires much work and patience.

One of the signs he will never cheat again is that he is ready to do all it takes to build back the trust.

He is ready to wait patiently.

Since he has decided to be open and honest about everything.



3. He stops hiding his phone

9 Signs He Will Never Cheat Again

People who cheat on their partners are usually very sneaky.

Their phones always have passwords, they hide to receive calls, and they save contacts on their phones with codes.

And now that your boyfriend has decided to change his ways,

He makes his phone accessible to you,

He ensures to save contacts with their names.

He picks calls in your presence.

He’s always open to sharing his phone access details with you, and he shows a genuine interest in having an honest and transparent relationship. 

These are signs that your boyfriend wants to prove his loyalty and commitment to you and the relationship. 

And these are all signs he will never cheat again. 


4. He establishes healthy boundaries with others

People who cheat have boundary issues.

They don’t know their limit, or better put, they overstretch their limits.

One of the signs he will never cheat again is that he creates healthy boundaries with women.

He ensures to guard against anything that predisposes him to cheating.

He defines his relationship, and as much as possible, he ensures he doesn’t send a wrong signal when communicating with females.

For example, he stops using endearments for people but his girlfriend.

He stops calling people at odd hours.

And he declines any invitation to dates or hang out with females who could make you uncomfortable.



5. He reaffirms his commitment to you

9 Signs He Will Never Cheat Again

One of the signs he will never cheat again is that he reaffirms his commitment to you. 

He shows you that he’s serious about rebuilding a trusting and long-lasting relationship with you. 

This could be done in many ways, such as declaring his love for you more often or giving you special gifts to show how much he cares about your relationship. 

He also makes sure he prioritizes your needs and puts them above anything else. 

Ultimately, he’s taking tangible actions to prove that you are his number one priority and that he wants nothing more than a healthy relationship with you. 


6. He cuts off from wrong influences and his exes

The saying- wrong association corrupts good manners holds any day, anytime.

Some people started being unfaithful because of the wrong friends they kept.

They saw their friends doing it, and they also embraced it.

If that’s the issue with your boyfriend, which he has recognized, and he cuts ties with such people, it means he is showing a great sign of being a changed person. 

This is a great sign that he cares about your relationship and does not want any negative influences to corrupt it. 

He recognizes the importance of removing himself from people who could harm your relationship and is actively working to ensure you are both in a place where the trust can be rekindled. 


7. He becomes accountable to a mentor

9 Signs He Will Never Cheat Again
Mentorship is an essential factor that so many people tend to underlook.

They believe they are adults and don’t need another adult to “baby them around.”

Well, a mentor is not one to baby anyone around but just as a guide.

No one knows it all, you know.

So many young people don’t want to be accountable, and that’s why some of them fall into avoidable situations.

Once your boyfriend has severed ties with the wrong friends, he needs a mentor with whom he will be accountable.

Someone mature and experienced who can serve as a guide to him.

Knowing that he has someone to put him in check will help him a great deal.


8. He gives you his full attention

One of the challenges that people who cheat have is that they don’t give attention to one person.

They have many ladies in their hands; hence, they can’t give attention to just one person.

One of the signs your boyfriend has changed entirely and won’t cheat again is that he gives you full attention.

He is always available to show his love to you.

You don’t need to beg for his attention.

He is always there for you, no matter what.

This shows that he has gotten rid of the voidable situations in his life, and he is devoted to you and your relationship. 

You can trust that your boyfriend will never cheat on you again because of all the efforts he puts into your relationship.

He knows that it’s worth it. 



9. Seeks professional help

9 Signs He Will Never Cheat Again
Sometimes, someone wants to change, but they don’t know how to do it.

This is why professional help is available and needed in this regard.

A man ready to stick with you forever won’t hesitate to seek professional help to help you become a better person.

This shows he realizes his need for help and wouldn’t mind going out of his way to do this.



Cheating can be painful, no doubt.

It is more than enough reason to leave and never look back.

But now, your boyfriend is back.

He is remorseful.

And he has told you he’s a changed person.

Do you love him enough to want to take him back, and are you sure he’s changed as he said?

Well, you can take your time to watch out for the signs discussed above as well as others not touched here.

And as much as possible, be very careful to see if they mean what they say.

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